Lowara Sekamatik 100E S Wastewater lifting station


The Sekamatik 100E S is a compact sewage disposal unit suitable for pumping sewage and wastewater from toilets, hand basins, showers and rooms which are below the sewer level according to DIN 1986. Sekamatik 100E S will prevent back up and flooding where there is a natural fall but the sewer is flooded or unable to drain. Sekamatik 100E S is the ideal solution for new builds or renovation of old buildings.


Collection and pressurization of sewage and wastewater from:

  • Basement rooms.
  • Sanitary facilities in cellar rooms.
  • Sanitary facilities in restaurants, hotels, cinemas, theatres, shopping malls, schools and hospitals.

DIN EN 12050-3: Conformity and design approved and controlled by LGA.

Pumped liquid: Clear water or drainage water, wastewater or sewage containing soft solids. Max. liquid temperature: 35°C, short term up to 60°C.

Operation: Intermittent.


Flood protected single pump lifting station consisting of:

Collecting tank: Odour and gas tight plastic collecting tank.


  • Horizontal: DN 100, 180 mm height.
  • Horizontal: DN 100, 250 mm height.
  • Vertical: DN 100.
  • Horizontal and Vertical: DN 150.
  • Vertical: DN 40.

Discharge: Flange DN 80. Flexible union piece DN 80/Ø 89. With integrated soft check valve.
Air vent: DN 70 vertical. Connection for diaphragm pump: BSP 1" F. Cleaning cover with screw cap.

Pump: Pump chamber integrated in the collecting tank. Non clogging impeller, spherical clearance 40 mm.

Motor: Fully submersible, pressure tight electric motor, 1Ph or 3Ph. Thermal sensors embedded in the winding.
Insulation class F. Degree of protection IP 68. Stainless steel rotor shaft, pre-lubricated bearings.


  • Pump, 3 m:
    • Model M: H07RN-F5G1,5
      Model T: H07RN-F6G1
  • Control box plug, 0,8 m:
    • Model M: H07RN-F3G1,5 (plug 230 V)
      Model T: H07RN-F5G1,5 (CEE-plug 16 A / 400 V)

Seals: Triple lip seal combination in separate oil chamber. Oil inspection from outside.


Collecting Tank Polyethylene
Impeller Cast steel
Pump flange, Motor housing cover Glass-fibre, reinforced synthetic material (composite)
Pressure cover non-return valve Cast iron
Non-return valve housing Composite
Motor housing Stainless steel
Rotor shaft Stainless steel
Mechanical connection parts Stainless steel
Seal kit NBR

Technical Data

          Collection tank  
Curve Pump type No Motor input Motor output Voltage (V) Nominal current (A) Total volume Operation Volume Weight (kg)
Sekamatik 100 E S16M 1,6 1,2 230/1Ph 7,0 70 l 30 l 33,0
Sekamatik 100 E S15T 1,5 1,2 400/3Ph 2,5 70 l 30 l 33,0



Pneumatic level control with pressure operation. Motor over run period which prevents sewage build up and blockage. Electronic control box for control and monitoring of all important functions. Motor protection with temperature control of the winding. Optical failure alarm. Acoustic alarm by buzzer. Volt free contact for remote signal. Control indication for direction of rotation.


Equipment supplied

Tank with 1 pump, discharge with DN 80 soft check valve and flanged elastic union piece DN 80/Ø89 with hose bands, gasket and screws. Elastic union piece for inlet DN 100 and air vent DN 70 with hose bands. Fixing bolts for tank fixing point. Pneumatic level control. Electronic control box with cable.


(all dimensions are in mm.)

  1. Horizontal inlet DN 100
  2. Horizontal inlet DN 100
  3. Horizontal inlet DN 150
  4. Vertical inlet DN 100/40
  5. Vertical inlet DN 150/40
  6. Air vent DN 70
  7. Cleaning cover
  8. Soft ball check valve DN 80
  9. Elastic union piece (Connection for discharge)
  10. Flanged spigot DN 80/Ø89
  11. Flanged gate valve
  12. Tank fixing point
  13. Pump
  14. Connection for diaphragm pump BSP1''
  15. Connection for pneumatic control box

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Lowara Sekamatik 10 Wastewater Lifting Station

Quick Specs:

Sekamatik 10 is a compact, cost effective, odor free and easy to install solution for handling domestic wastewater in buildings.

  • Flow: up to 16 m³/h
  • Head: up to 18 m
  • Volume (total): up to 11 l
  • Power supply: Single phase 50 Hz
  • Power: up to 0,35 kW
  • Temperature of pumped liquid: max 35 °C

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