Below Ground Packaged Pump Stations

Southern Pump Services Engineering manufactures, supplies an extensive range of below ground package pump stations

Our below ground chambers are manufactured in various diameters and depths, with pump(s), guide rail(s), Galvanised or UPV'c pipework, NRV(s), Gate valve(s) and control equipment fitted as per our specification sheet found here meeting our client's surface water, sewage water and drainage applications, normally used for residential, commercial and industrial developments where a below ground packaged pump station remains in private ownership also the packaged pump station is generally not be adopted by a water company. below ground pump stations

We are dedicated in providing the highest level of customer care from the initial design concept to final commissioning everyone of our below ground packaged pumping stations represents the culmination of an in-depth design process for your needs, whether you're a house developer, local authority or a private individual Southern Pump Services Engineering remains committed to the highest standards of performance, quality and after sales support for your below ground packaged pump station.

Our customers include Architects, Specifies, Builders Merchants, Civil Contractors, Property Developers, Local Authorities, House Builders, Facility Managers and General Public all form part of our customer base.

  • GRP Pumping Chamber For the most robust, longest lasting maintenance free solution.
  • Submersible Pump(s) We only use the highest quality pumps in our pump stations.
  • Pipework Pre-assemble Galvanised Pipe work pre-assembled for fast, easy installation with pedestal(s), Non-return valve(s) and isolation valve(s) fitted as standard.
  • Packaged Pump Station Control Panel Pump Stations includes an electrical control panel with integrated high level alarm indication and floatswitches as standard.
  • SPSE Pump Station Manhole Cover D400, B125 A15, Double Sealed, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, or Steel Access Covers and Frames are available.
Our Below Ground Pumps Stations Benefits:

Our above ground pump stations are built and designed specifically for commercial or residential usage, custom built to order they boast the following features:

  • Fast Efficient Deliveries UK Mainland - GRP Chambers onsite within 48-72hrs with our Fasttrack.
  • Cost Effective Pricing Highest Quality, Cost Effective and Reliable pumping stations.
  • Built to Conform with Building Regulations H1 Foul Drainage Page16. (Pumping Installations) Section 2.39 details found here
  • 24/7 - 365 Customer Service Support With our in house dedicated after sales car, support and service team.
  • Maintenance Contracts UK Mainland, 24/7 - 365 maintenance contracts for all manufactures and types of Packaged Pump Stations.
  • Wide Range of Pump Options With Vortex, Channel and macerator impellers pumps from many manufacturers available since we are not tied to single pump manufacturer.


Southern Pump Services packaged pump stations are designed for minimum maintenance, trouble free pumping with low running cost. Southern Pump Services offer a full after sales service involving planned maintenance visits within one calendar month by one of our friendly service teams. General maintenance details for our packaged pump stations can be downloaded here

Delivery & Installation

Above Ground Packaged pump stations are normally delivered by flat bed vehicle and carnage facilities should be available on-site for off loading by others. Installation is quick and economical, the unit requiring only a concrete base and surround. Comprehensive installation instructions are supplied with every pump stations and downloadable here


Prior to installation of your pumping station, there is a legal requirement to obtain permission from the appropriate agencies.

  • Including connection to a public sewer
  • 24hr Storage to Meet Building Regulations (150 litres per head per day for domestic use)

BS EN - Standards

All our pumps are manufactured to the highest British Standards relevant to our industry such as BS EN 12050-1:2001 Wastewater lifting plants for buildings and sites, BS EN 12056-4:2000 Gravity drainage systems inside buildings and BS EN 752-6:1998 Drain and sewer systems outside buildings.


We have both internal and external field sales engineers who will be pleased to assist. If you would like further information on our packaged pump stations, pumping stations, control equipment or pumping equipment call a member of our team on: 020 8991 6650. We will call you back if you feel the need to arrange a no obligation site visits let us know here. For general enquiries email:

ABS Packaged Pump Stations

Our sewage pump stations can be either above ground or below ground, and suitable from small domestic applications to large installs.

ABS lifting station SYNCONTA 700/700L ABS lifting station SYNCONTA 801 ABS lifting station SYNCONTA 901-902L

Wilo Packaged Pump Stations

Our sewage pump stations can be either above ground or below ground, and suitable from small domestic applications to large installs.

Wilo Drainlift WS900 Wilo Drainlift WS1100

Wilo EMU-Port Sewage Pumpstation

Our sewage pump stations can be either above ground or below ground, and suitable from small domestic applications to large installs.

WILO EMUPORT - A solution for constantly blocking pump stations

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