Twin Pump Sewage - Foul Water Pumping Station Full Refurbishment in London

We recently carried out the refurbishment to a clients existing failed dual foul water - Sewage pumping pumpstation, this was for an apartment block in the Twickenham Area. The twin-pump pumping station served 13 high end residential apartments - so getting it back up and running was highest priority.

The managing agent responsible for this site contacted us wanting a second quote, as the current company servicing the equipment said the FW station was end of life and in need a refurbishment. After speaking with the client to find we used to service the equipment for almost 10 years prior. we provided our quote along with 10 years service history.

When our engineers arrived on site, we learned one of the pumps had in fact failed over the weekend, access was also very poor, however this wasn’t a problem to our Confined Space Trained Engineers who are specialist trained in how to work effectively and safely in such places.

Engineer's started by carrying out a full chamber cleaning and de-greasing, using specialist tools and chemicals to ensure pumping station was clean and empty free from waste build-up. Next, we removed the old internal equipment

Pumps, guide-rails and chains were replaced with high-quality new parts as well all pipework being replaced with new speciality PVC pipework that's robust and won't degrade. We also replaced the four float switches with xylem sewage rated floats to ensure water-levels could be accurately and reliably monitored at all times.

After our refurbishment we were pleased to leave the pumping station looking better than new - fitted with high-quality, proven components that will offer our client hassle-free running over their lifetime as long as properly maintained.

  • Replace crap pumps with 2x Caprari MAVs
  • All new PVC pipework
  • Stainless steel guide rails, brackets and chains
  • Reinforced GRP storage chamber base to stop distorting

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