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At Southern Pump Services we have tankers and engineers available 24/7 – 365 when your pump station fails.

No job is too small, whether you're a private individual, domestic, or commercial customer with a failed pump station - we have you covered.

When you're pump station fails time is of the essence, at Southern Pump Services we have 24/7 – 365 telephone support providing one of the best response times in the industry.

Pumps Station failures can be a simple control issue that can be resolved quickly and relatively inexpensively, such as a blocked pump or failed pump float switch.

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Why Sewage Pumps Stations Breakdown

If you have a pumping station the likelihood is that you're not connected directly to the mains sewer system. Sewage pump systems are designed to handle foul water, natural human waste and biodegradable products. Other household waste and non-biodegradable products should never be disposed of through the drainage system.

Disposal of non bio-degradable products will affect the reliability of all pumping stations, causing pumps to block and storage chambers to become congested with non-pumpable waste.

Bear in mind that it isn't only the toilet that is connected to the station; anything that goes down the sink, bath etc. also ends up there. Pump Stations over time accumulate settled solids. It is good practice to check and if necessary empty/desludge these at the same time, the frequency of desludging required depends on the loading and application. It is vital to the systems ongoing operation and should be carried out regularly.

Residential Sewage Pumping Station Breakdown

Has your home sewage pumping station broken down?

We have the expertise to get your house or flat pumping station working again as quickly as possible.

Commercial Sewage Pumping Station Breakdown

Has your home scommercial ewage pumping station broken down?

We deal with restaurants, hotels and other businesses of all sizes daily to get you back to business.

We Service Pumping Stations for:


Consulting Engineers

Ground Workers


Public Health Engineers

Environmental Agency

Individual Private Applications

County and Local Authorities

Facilities Maintenance Contractors

Civil Engineering Contractors

Commercial & Residential Property Developers

What We Do

  • Inspect, test, repair and replace pump control panels
  • Pump station servicing (foul and storm water stations)
  • Ongoing maintenance, management and servicing scheduling of your pump station
  • Manage, planned and unplanned maintenance and works
  • Refurbishment, modernisation or updating of your pumping station

Residential Customers



Local Authority




New Building Developments

Industrial Estates

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