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Xylem Flygt Compit Pumpstations are the complete pump station for pressure sewage systems

Convenient discharge connection for easy pump installation
Rubber guide band for quick installation at deeper depths
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel internal discharge piping and surface-treated cast iron fittings
Check valve and shut-off valve
Covers available for different load classes A & B or a lockable polyethylene cover.
Stainless steel lifting chain
Extension shaft in polyethylene(20–40kg)
DN 150 inlet
DN 50 connection (Dy 63mm) on discharge pipe
Quick Specs:

The complete pump station for pressure sewage systems

Compit is as prefabricated pump station for sewage, pressurized sewage systems and ground water. The pump station enables you to provide a single-family residence, apartment building or entire community with a reliable, trouble-free wastewater or groundwater transport system.

Speedy, simple installation

Compit is complete upon delivery, is easy to handle and comes ready for installation and immediate connection. It is housed in rotomolded polyethylene and has a diameter of 1100mm and suit depths between 1.9 and 3 meters. The pump capacity ranges up to 10 l/s.

A convenient extension shaft makes it easy to install the Flygt Compit pump station at depths between 1.9 and 3 meters. Each pump station can be equipped with one or two pumps. Moreover, the bowl-shaped bottom and smooth inner surface of the pump station mean that it is self-cleaning.

Superior features 

  • Convenient discharge connection for easy pump installation.
  • Rubber guide band for quick installation at deeper depths
  • Corrosion-resistant internal discharge piping and fittings.


  • Insulation kit for the upper shaft
  • Pipe couplings for other discharge diameters
  • Taper for DN 110 inlet

Whether transporting wastewater, greywater or groundwater, you can equip your Flygt Compit pump station with submersible Flygt pumps and accessories. Then add a Flygt monitoring and control system to ensure your Compit pump stations run continuously in real-time.

Reliable wastewater grinder pumps

Choose from a broad range of rugged Flygt submersible grinder pumps equipped with specially designed non-clogging cutting impellers. Wear- resistant impeller components grind solids into small particles that easily pass through 32mm pipes. Intermittent starts and high temperatures pose no problems; Flygt pumps handle up to 30 starts per hour and wastewater temperatures up to 40°C.

Dependable greywater and groundwater pumps

For residential greywater, use Flygt submersible 3045 and 3057 sewage pumps, which are made of cast iron and highly wear- resistant. And for groundwater transport, there’s Flygt DX range of stainless steel groundwater pumps with matching stainless steel motor casings. All pumps are supplied with a channel or vortex impeller.

Complete control

Select Flygt monitoring and control equipment to help you cut operating and maintenance costs and boost energy savings. Take our robust FGC controllers, for instance. Comprehensive functionality gives you a solid overview of system status and immediate access to critical data from sensors.

For use in most any regulatory environment, FGC controllers work just as well with level regulators as well as they do with pneumatic and pressure sensors, giving you total system control.

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The Advantage of Pressure Sewage Systems

Connecting one or more pump stations to the municipal sewage network can pose distinct challenges depending on the lay of the land.

Large pipes of conventional gravity systems need to be laid on a grade. Smaller pipes used for pressure sewage systems don’t.

This drastically cuts costs associated with excavation and construction of gravity-flow pipelines compared to gravity flow pipe lines.

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Xylem Flygt Lifting Station Micro 6 Sewage Lifting Plant

Quick Specs:

MICRO 6 and MICRO 6+6 Series Prefabricated lifting station for wastewater according to EN 12050-1&2 standard.

  • Micro 6 version 270 litre tank (Single pump)
  • Micro 6+6 version 550 litre tank (Dual pump)
  • Tank made from 100% recyclable polyethylene, highly resistant to chemical attack and UV rays
  • Airtight anti-pollution tank, to according to standard EN 12050
  • Choice of positions allows best-fit location for inlet connection
  • Micro 6 and Micro 6+6 can be installed on the ground or buried in a suitable structure

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