Flygt Concertor Xylem Pumps

Xylem introduces Flygt Concertor, a fully integrated system that redudes your total cost of ownership while delivering the highest quality and reliability.

A New Way of Thinking

  • Proven and tested as total pumping solution
  • Senses the operating conditions
  • Adapts its performance in real time
  • Delivers maximum energy savings
  • Reduces maintenance and service call-outs

Xylem introduces Concertor, a fully integrated system that offers a unique synergy between software functions and state-of-the-art hardware. Concertor's system design works in harmony to reduce your total cost of ownership while delivering the highest quality and reliability. This new wastewater pumping system senses the operating conditions of its environment and adapts its performance in real time to provide feedback to station operators. With high operational flexibility, Concertor takes wastewater pumping to a whole new level.

Flygt Concertor XPC

This market-leading system is suitable for most pump stations in a wastewater collection system.

Flygt Concertor DP

This system is ideal when you need the pump to respond to changes in a process such as maintaining a set flow, level or pressure.

Flygt Concertor EA

This is the best choice if you want the most reliable and flexible pump in a Direct-on-line operated pump station.

Flygt Concertor N

The basic choice if you want the most reliable, flexible and energy efficient pump for an on/off operated pump station.

Xylem is proud to introduce the world's first wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence. A real breakthrough innovation, Flygt Concertor® is capable of sensing the operating conditions of its environment, adapting its performance in real time and providing feedback to pumping station operators. With this new system, Xylem is now bringing smart and interconnected solutions to the world of wastewater pumping.

The name Concertor relates to the system's unique synergy between software functions and state-of-theart hardware and the remarkable benefits this innovation can bring to our customers around the world.

A new way of thinking

Concertor combines a fully integrated control system with IE4 motor efficiency, our patented Adaptive N-hydraulics and intelligent functionalities. The control system automatically adapts to the changing pumping environment, delivering the optimal level of performance at the lowest cost of ownership. The built-in intelligence also makes it easier to set up and operate, as well as allowing for a significantly smaller footprint.

One powerful solution, unlimited possibilities.

Concertor's advanced technology gives you a wide range of benefits covering four main categories. The whole idea is to give you greater peace of mind while reducing your total costs.

Efficient Asset Management Trouble-Free Pumping Energy Saving Reduced Total Investment

– Selection from a performance field instead of a fixed performance curve allows for enhanced operational flexibility.

– Adaptive technology automatically selects the duty points to optimise performance.

– Performance can be fine-tuned on site without changing the impeller.

– Built-in sump and pipe cleaning reduces odor and maintenance, delivering a safer overall system

– Clog detection and pump cleaning functions ensure clog-free operation.

– Built-in self-monitoring functionality prevents overheating and extends pump lifetime.

– Automatic rotation settings prevent incorrect impeller rotation.

– Patented Energy Minimizer automatically optimises performance to reduce energy costs.

– Adaptive N-technology delivers sustained efficiency.

– Super premium IE4 motor efficiency.

– Pre-engineered solution with simple set-up wizard saves engineering time and makes start-up quick and easy.

– A smaller, simplified cabinet frees up space and reduces cost.

Flygt Concertor® delivers high performance in four scalable configurations. The right solution for you will depend on your specific application requirements. And since the system is scalable and flexible, you can migrate from one solution to another as your needs evolve.

  Concertor® XPC Concertor® DP Concertor® EA Concertor® N
Easy product selection
Reduced inventory
Flexible on-site
Small-sized cabinets
Clog-free pumping
Energy savings
Increased reliability
and extended lifetime
Compact installation with
fewer components
Free up engineering
and installation hours
Clean wet wells      

Concertor benefits compared to conventional single vane impeller pump systems.

+ Better
++ Significantly better
+++ Best possible

Flygt Concertor® feature and technical overview

Flygt Concertor® System XPC DP EA N
Push a button to change pump performance
Clog detection
Pump cleaning
Constant power
New generation Adaptive-N design
Motor efficiency in compliance with IE4
Power factor close to 1
Always correct impeller rotation
Automatic restart trials at faults
Soft start
Soft stop  
Pump sump alarm I/O, thermal and leakage
Multiple alarms, two priorities  
Set-up wizard  
External communication  
Status and history  
Human Machine Interface (HMI)  
Emergency run relay functionality    
Pump station controller      
Energy Minimizer      
Sump cleaning      
Discharge pipe cleaning      
External process control (4-20 mA or Modbus)      
Trouble-Free Pumping

From dirty troublemaker...

to clean wet wells at all times

Cleaning out sludge, sand, grease and other debris from a wet well can be an unpleasant and costly task. While Flygt pumps are equipped with the latest technology to solve these challenges, Flygt Concertor® takes trouble-free pumping to an entirely new level.

This big improvement is enabled by a unique combination of technology and intelligent functionalities to keep your wet well clean and your pump clog-free at all times.

Cleaner wet wells and clog-free pumping

To reduce sedimentation, odor build-up and unplanned call-outs, we’ve added built-in sump and pipe cleaning functions in a single integrated wastewater pumping system for the first time ever. Extensive trials show that this dramatically minimizes unplanned and costly maintenance. An integrated pump cleaning function, together with our patented Adaptive N-technology, detects and resolves clogging from large debris. The result is a safe, clean system for operators.

Increased reliability and product life cycle time

The pump provides self-monitoring functionality that will prevent overheating and motor failures due to external conditions. The innovative motor technology and Energy Minimizer increase the lifetime of the motors, seals and bearings. Finally, and very significantly, the control system inside the pump is placed in a stable environment, which protects it from unfavorable external conditions.

Energy Savings

From thirsty consumer...

to smart energy saver

Energy consumption adds up. But what if we told you it’s now possible to cut your electric bill by up to 70% compared to a conventional system? That’s because the entire Flygt Concertor® system is a true energy-saver.

Equipped with a seamless combination of new software and next-generation hardware, Concertor is designed for automatic self-optimization to assure the lowest possible energy consumption. This is largely due to our patented Energy Minimizer function, which automatically ensures that all the pumps in your stations are running at their most efficient duty points, at all times.

Energy savings is about more than just sophisticated built-in software. Unparalleled pumping efficiency is also enabled by state-of-the-art components such as our new Super Premium IE4 Efficiency motor and new mechanical self-cleaning

Adaptive N-hydraulics. And since there is no need for ventilation, cooling or heating of cabinets, you get substantial savings over the total lifecycle.

Reduced Total Investment

From bulky equipment...

to slim and smart controls

Advanced functionality is desirable, but it often requires additional components, custom engineering and large cabinets. Flygt Concertor® solves this by integrating everything into one single system with a smaller footprint and even more attractive features.

Concertor’s system design results in compact control cabinets since traditional components, such as motor protection, variable frequency drives (VFDs) and climate control equipment, are no longer fitted in the cabinet. They are either eliminated or built into the pump. The pump’s integrated intelligence reduces the size of the cabinet while also enabling more monitoring functionalities.

Simple set-up for advanced systems All monitoring and control functions are pre-engineered, configured and tested as a total solution – straight from the factory – giving you peace of mind from a single supplier. Installation and commissioning are also swift and stress-free thanks to a helpful set-up wizard and the straightforward cabinet design. All of this reduces the need for engineering hours, both at the design stage and at the time of pump station commissioning. In short, you reduce your total investment costs.

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Flygt Concertor

A fully integrated system that redudes your total cost of ownership while delivering the highest quality and reliability.

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