Wilo-Sub TWU 4

Water supply from boreholes with a minimum diameter of 4" and a maximum immersion depth of up to 200 metres.

Type key Example:
TWU Submersible-motor deep-well pump
4 Minimum Diamete
Borehole maximum 4" = DN100
Motor maximum 96mm
Pumps Maximum 98mm
02 Nominal Flow Folume [m3/h]
11 Number of pump stages
EM AC~1230v, 50Hz with capacitor
EMSC AC~1230v, 50Hz with additional built in starting capacitor
DM Three phase current 3-400V, 50Hz
Quick Specs:


Water supply from boreholes with a minimum diameter of 4" and a maximum immersion depth of up to 200 metres. Municipal water supply, sprinkling and irrigation, pressure boosting, lowering of the ground water level, industrial applications.
Pumping of water without long-fibre and abrasive constituents within the limitations of the specified minimums and maximums.



Total-immersion, multistage submersible with radial or semi axial impellers in sectional construction. Pressure housing, jacket pipe, stage covering and strainer made of stainless steel. Build in no-return valve in the pump head. All parts in contact with the pumped fluid are made of corrosion-free materials.


Corrosion-free single-phase AC or three-phase motor with enammeled windings in hermatically cast stator for direct starting. Sealed cast stator, resin-saturated, self-lubricating bearings. Motor cooling is effected by the temperature and flow velocity of the pumped liquid outside of the motor.

Scope of delivery

Submersible motor deep well pump with built in non-return valve , protection class IP 68 for the entire pump; 1.5m or 2.5m long detatchable connection cable 4x1.5mm2 cable cross-section.
AC version EM including switchbox with capacitor, thermal motor protection and On/Off switch. Includes packaging in addition to installation and operating instructions.

  • Motor instainless steel 316L
  • 1-230 V 2-wire motor
    No start-up devide required, lightning protection and overload protection built into the motor.
  • 60Hz motor

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