Wilo-Drainlift S - Sewage Lifting Plant

Suitable for handling untreated sewage which cannot be disposed of by natural gravity flow to the sewer system.

Type key Example:
S Sewage lifting plant for wall cavity
installations, direct toilet connection or complete room drainage
Quick Specs:


Complete, fully assembled sewage lifting plant to DIN 12050-1.

Suitable for handling untreated sewage which cannot be disposed of by natural gravity flow to the sewer system. Wilo-Drainlift S meets the requirements of DIN EN 12050-1 as well the construction and testing requirements. Compact dimensions and small base area requirement allow a multitude of applications, such as:

  • Retrofitting of showers, toilets, saunas etc.
  • Installing toilets in a basement apartments
  • Adding on/renovating apartments and buildings

Innovative combination of different installation options of sewage lifting plants into a single device, such as:

  • Direct toilet connection
  • Single-room drainage
  • Free-standing/back-to-wall installation

Suitable for the following types of installations:

As a conventional sewage lifting plant for connection to a wall-mounted or free-standing WC or for drainage of an entire room.
Requires a minimum of space because of the compact dimensions of the plant.
In conjunction with free-standing or back-to-wall and pedestal-type versions.


After the tiles are applied, the plant must be able to be freely installed and removed. Always refer to and observe the instructions of the installation manuals for the Wilo-Drainlift S and its accessories.


  • Stainless steel motor Proven construction in modem INOX & composite design, incl. high-efficiency free-flow impeller.
  • Simple to handle, secure fastening in compliance with applicable standards.
  • Inlet DN40 For additional inlets form washstands, bathtubs ect.
  • Freely selectable inlets free surfaces on both side walls and one front wall allow the greatest degree of connection flexibility. Observe the minimum inlet height of the drainage sources.
  • Mounting beads for commercially available free-standing installation systems.
  • Standard sound insulations mats prevent transmission of mechanical vibration.
  • Large inspection opening. Sloping collection chamber for sediment-free, reliable operation. Available connections for vent line DN70 and for a hand diaphragm pump.
  • Fully assembled sewage lifting plant including switchgear/plug, curve cutter and installation and operating manual.


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