Wilo-RainSystem AF 400 - Rainwater Harvesting

Hybrid system for commercial and industrial rainwater utilisation for reducing potable water consumption in connection with cisterns or tanks.

Type key Example:
AF Automatic rainwater supply and fresh water
replenishment system
400 Volume of the hybrid tank [l]
2 Number of pumps
MC Non-self-priming, horizontal, multistage rotodynamic
pump of the MulticPress series
6 Flow volume [m3/h] at optimum efficiency
05 Number of stages
DM Three-phase current 3~400 V, 50 Hz
EM AC 1~230 V, 50 Hz
RCH Control unit: RainControl Hybrid
1+2 Number of water supply pumps: 2
Number of feeding pumps: 1
Quick Specs:


Hybrid system for commercial and industrial rainwater utilisation for reducing potable water consumption in connection with cisterns or tanks.

  • Toilet flushing
  • Sprinkling/irrigation
  • Supplying machinery
  • Secondary cleaning purposes and other applications in the non-potable water sector


Connection-ready water supply system with 2 to 4 water supply pumps as compact module for commercial and industrial rainwater utilisation. For fully automatic rainwater supply from an underground tank or a cistern by means of submersible pumps as feeding pumps. Depending on the pump design, greater distances between the system and the cistern can also be bridged with this hybrid system (see in this connection Wilo-Submersible pumps in the Wilo-Drain TS series). The large-volume hybrid vessel with all of its integrated functions offers requirements-oriented replenishment of potable water into the consumer network when cisterns are not full. The completely electronic regulatory unit for controlling the water supply pumps and cistern pumps is equipped with a main switch, control switches for each pump with Manual-0-Automatic function, and a display of the operation/malfunction operating states for each pump as well as low water levels. Depending on pressure, the pumps are switched on and off in cascading fashion in accordance with water requirements. A cross-flow diaphragm pressure vessel in accordance with DIN 4807 provides energy savings when there is minor leakage at the building site.

Scope of delivery

Connection-ready module in compact construction, with attractive design tailored to functionality. Complete electrical and hydraulic switching already in place and mounted on vibration-insulated, height-adjustable grid pipe frames, comprising:

  • 2 pcs. non-self-priming, corrosion-free, low-noise rotodynamic pumps of the MultiPress series
  • Pressure-side joint tubing R 11/2 including transmitter unit with 8-l flow-through diaphragm pressure vessel in accordance with DIN 4807 and blocking device with evacuation, pressure gauge 0 - 10 bar
  • A suction-side and pressure-side ball valve and non-return valve
  • A large-volume hybrid tank with all connections, non-turbulent supply lines and siphon-equipped overflow
  • Raincontrol Hybrid central switchgear with control electronics, 4–20 mA pressure transmitter and level control in the low-voltage range
  • Installation and operating instructions and packaging
For submersible pumps which are required as feeding pumps in the cistern, see Wilo-Drain. Systems with three and four pressure boosting pumps and two cistern pumps on request.


  • Extension modules
  • Cisterns level indicator
  • Operating hours counter
  • Individual run and individual fault signals
  • Time switch
  • 3~230 V, 50 Hz

Planning Guide

For planning guide and/or details concerning the planning of rainwater utilisation systems, see Wilo-Brain “Rainwater Technology Handbook”.

Product advantages

  • Low-noise, thanks to standard series multistage rotodynamic pumps
  • All parts in contact with the fluid are corrosion-free
  • Highest operational safety, thanks to trendsetting fully electronic RainControl Hybrid controller
  • High economic efficiency, thanks to fresh water replenishment according to requirements
  • High reliability, thanks to flow-optimised and noise-optimised overall concept
  • Automatic control of the feeding pump
  • System/level control in low-voltage range


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