Wilo-RainSystem AF 150 - Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater utilisation in single-family houses for reducing potable water consumption in connection with cisterns or tanks.

Type key Example:
AF Automatic rainwater supply and fresh water
150 self-priming, horizontal, multistage rotodynamic pump
of the MulticCargo MC series
2 Number of pumps
MC Self-priming, horizontal, multistage rotodynamic pump
of the MulticCargo series
3 Flow volume [m3/h] at optimum efficiency
05 Number of stages
EM Single-phase AC motor
1~230 V, 50 Hz
RCP Control unit: RainControl Professional
Quick Specs:


Rainwater utilisation in multifamily houses and small trade businesses for reducing potable water consumption in connection with cisterns or tanks.

  • Toilet flushing
  • Sprinkling/irrigation
  • Supplying machinery
  • Secondary cleaning purposes and other applications in the non-potable water sector


Wilo-RainSystem AF 150, connection-ready twin-head pump water supply system as compact module for multifamily houses and public buildings. For completely automatic supplying of rainwater from an underground tank or from a cistern. High operational safety by means of two separately guided suction lines (to be observed onsite). The large-volume, DVGW-certified replenishment vessel offers requirements oriented replenishment of potable water into the consumer network when cisterns are not full. A connection for back-up warning is provided as standard equipment. A cross-flow diaphragm pressure vessel in accordance with DIN 4807 provides energy savings when there is minor leakage at the building site. Consistent system control is achieved through cyclical pump duty cycling and an integrated test run when the pumps are at rest. Automatic fault-actuated switchover and peak-load cut-in ensure the highest level of system readiness. Potable water replenishment proceeds in a completely automatic and demand-optimised manner. Pumping operation-dependent water replacement in the replenishment vessel also proceeds automatically. The Wilo-RainSystem AF 150 is equipped with integrated electronic motor protection, integrated dry-running protection of the pump unit and automatic anti-lime deposit protection of the solenoid valve.A wide range of signals is displayed on the control device; it is also equipped with potential-free contacts for collective run signals and collective fault signals. Operation and parameterisation of the fully electronic RainControl Professional controller takes place by means of user-friendly, menu-driven function keys. Permanent displays of the cistern level, of the system pressure and of the operating state are to be seen via LCDs. The system is ideally suitable for connection with the building control technology (GLT/DDC).

Scope of delivery

Connection-ready module in compact construction, with attractive design tailored to functionality. Complete electrical and hydraulic switching already in place and mounted on vibration-insulated grid pipe frames, comprising:

  • 2 pcs. self-priming, corrosion-free, low-noise rotodynamic pumps of the MultiCargo series
  • Pressure-side joint tubing R 11/2 including transmitter unit with 8-l flow-through diaphragm pressure vessel in accordance with DIN 4807 and blocking device with evacuation, pressure gauge 0 - 10 bar
  • Ball valves on the suction-side and pressure-side
  • Large-volume fresh water replenishment vessel (150 litre) with mechanical float valve
  • RainControl Professional central switchgear with control electronics including solenoid valves, pressure transmitter 4–20 mA and level sensor with 20 m cable for monitoring levels
  • Corrosion-free enamelled steel tubing framework
  • Installation and operating instructions and packaging


  • Operating hours counter
  • Individual run and individual fault signals
  • Water backup signalling device

Planning Guide

Every pump is to be provided with its own suction line. For additional planning instructions and/or details concerning the planning of rainwater utilisation systems, see Wilo-Brain “Rainwater Technology Handbook”.

Product advantages

  • Low-noise, thanks to standard series multistage rotodynamic pumps
  • All parts in contact with the fluid are corrosion-free
  • Highest operational safety, thanks to trendsetting fully electronic RainControl Professional controller
  • High economic efficiency, thanks to fresh water replenishment according to requirements
  • High reliability, thanks to flow-optimised and noise-optimised replenishment vessel


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