Wilo-RainSystem AF Basic - Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater utilisation in single-family houses for reducing potable water consumption in connection with cisterns or tanks.

Type key Example:
AF Automatic rainwater utilisation and potable water replenishment
installation (Aqua Feed)
MC Self-priming, horizontal, multistage rotodynamic pump of
the MulticCargo MC series
3 04 Flow volume [m3/h]
at optimum efficiency
3 04 Number of stages
EM Single-phase AC motor
1~230 V, 50 Hz
Quick Specs:


Rainwater utilisation in single-family houses for reducing potable water consumption in connection with cisterns or tanks.

  • Toilet flushing
  • Sprinkling/irrigation
  • Supplying machinery
  • Secondary cleaning purposes and other applications in the non-potable water sector


Ready-to-plug single-pump water supply system as compact module for single-family houses. For completely automatic supplying of rainwater from an underground tank or from a cistern. The 11-litre replenishment vessel offers optimised replenishment of potable water into the consumer network when cisterns are not full. Automatic Switchover to potable water replenishment, time-sensitive water exchange in replenishment vessel, built-in automatic switch-off in the presence of dry running. Simple handling by means of RainControl Basic RCB with Fluidcontrol. The system fulfils the criteria outlined in DIN 1989 and in EN 1717.


  • Overflow signalling device
  • Cover made of EPP

Scope of delivery

Connection-ready module in compact construction. Complete electrical and hydraulic switching and base-frame mounting. Comprising:

  • Self-priming, corrosion-free, low-noise rotodynamic pump of the MultiCargo MC series
  • Pressure side pipework R 1
  • Potable water replenishment vessel (11 l) with float valve
  • Rain Control Basic RCB switchgear with control electronics and flow
  • Pressure controller, 3-way valve and float switch with 20 m cable for cistern filling and monitoring
  • Connection for overflow warning
  • EPP-coated base frame, protected against corrosion
  • 1.8 m connection cable and power plug
  • Fixation material including assembly diagram, Installation and operating instructions and packaging.

Planning Guide

The suction line is to be laid in an uninterrupted rise from the cistern to the AF system. A clearance of at least 200 mm is to be provided for above the system for correction purposes. A clearance of at least 100 mm is to be provided for to the left of the system in order to ensure ventilation of the
pump motor. For additional planning instructions and/or details concerning the planning of rainwater utilisation systems, see Wilo-Brain “Rainwater
Technology Handbook”.

Product advantages

  • Compact, ready-to-plug rainwater utilisation system
  • Low-noise, thanks to multistage rotodynamic pump and complete encapsulation of the system
  • In compliance with DIN 1989 and EN 1717
  • High economic efficiency, thanks to fresh water replenishment according to requirements
  • Flow-optimised and noise-optimised replenishment vessels
  • All parts in contact with the fluid are corrosion-free


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