WILO EMUPORT - Solids Seperation System

EMUPORT-PEHD underground solids separation sewage pumping system, the EMUPORT pumps do not come into contact with the solids within the sewage itself during the pumping process click here to view an online demo of the EMUPORT in action <size 12.2MB> requires window media player takes about 2mins to download

This results in the following advantages with using the EMUPORT over conventional sewage pumps systems were the sewage is pumped:- 

  • Low maintenance and operating costs for moving parts of the pumps
  • Pump compartment remains dry, clean and odor-free
  • Hygienic conditions for maintenance and assembly work
  • Can be equipped as double pumping station; the plant remains fully functional, even when a pump is being serviced
  • EMU submersible sewage pumps with suitable impeller
  • No corrosion problems, no consequences in case of formation of sulfur
  • Application of pumps with ball passage < 80 mm, therefore little power requirement with higher efficiency
  • Less wear
  • EMU Sewage Pumps with protection type IP 68 (submersible)
  • Reliable Sewage Solids Separations Pumping System

Wherever municipal and industrial sewage is produced, it must be collected and transported to the sewage treatment plant.

PEHD-EMUPORT underground pumping stations with PEHD pit (alternatively with concrete pit) are most suitable for this problem. They operate reliably and moreover offer highest possible protection against corrosion.

With the EMUPORT system, the incoming sewage enters the distribution reservoir and then flows into the respectively open solids separation reservoir. Here, the solids are held back by separating flaps. The solids are (filtered out). Only the light sewage can now continue through the pump into the large joint collection reservoir. When the collection reservoir is being filled, the water level in the solids separation reservoir also rises. The shut-off ball automatically closes the inlet.
The pumping process now begins in accordance with the level. The pump operates in the reverse direction and opens the separating flaps with the volume flow of the light sewage. The sewage flows through the solids separation reservoir and transports the solids (filtered out) of the sewage to the outgoing discharge pipeline. The entire solids separation system is flushed out and cleaned.

The pumping process is also ended in accordance with the level. The shut-off ball falls down and clears the way for a new filling process. The sewage is routed to the other solids separation reservoir during this pumping process.

The low operating costs result from the use of pumps with small ball passage, as they require less motor power.

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