Lowara/Xylem Servitec Servitec 30 Vacuum Spray De-Aeration System

The Lowara/Xylem Servitec Servitec 30 Vacuum Spray De-Aeration System automatically eliminates air from heating and chilled water systems in a quick and efficient manner

Removing air from sealed heating and chilled water systems can be a long arduous and costly process, installing an automatic de-aeration unit will ensure the system runs quietly and efficiently in all areas of the building.

The Lowara Servitec 30 is designed to operate with systems up to 8m³ but can be extended to cover 12m³ systems with a maximum system pressure of 3 bar.

A Lowara pressurisation unit should be used to make up the system water content and monitor for low/high pressures. On small systems where low/high pressure interlocks are not required the Servitec can control a basic fill unit in place of a full pressurisation unit.


  • Fully automated, central de-aeration
  • Optimum operation of the diaphragm pressure expansion vessels
  • No flow noises caused by air
  • Minimising air problems with circulation pumps
  • Optimum, improved heat transfer on the heating surfaces and in the boiler/chille.

The Servitec unit is extremely easy to install and set up, two pipe connections to the system return line and a power supply that’s it, installed. Initial setup in level control mode is also straightforward; follow the step by step instructions and the set will be up and running in no time. The compact dimensions of the Servitec means that it will fit in most plant rooms taking up a minimal amount of valuable space. No Need to fit any other type of air separator in the system however an auto air vent situated at the top of the system will help evacuate air at the initial filling stages.

Technical Data

  • Max operating pressure - 8 bar
  • Max operating temperature (Return line) - 70 ̊C
  • Working pressure - 0.5-3.0 bar
  • Max ambient temperature - 45 ̊C
  • Degree of separation Dissolved gas - <90
  • Degree of separation free gas - 100%
  • Maximum water Glycol mix - 50%
  • Max system volume - 8M3 (Can be extended to cover system volumes up to 12m 3)
  • Max system volume water/glycol - 2M3
  • Dimensions in mm - 255W x 280D x 650H
  • Weight - 13Kg
  • Connections - G1/2
  • Electrical connection - 230-1-50 (2 wire + earth)
  • Power requirement - 470W
  • Control unit protection - IP65
  • Energy consumption per day - 0,040KWh (interval operation)
  • Fault contact volt free max load - 230V 4A (fail safe)

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