Lowara Resvari & Resfix - Domestic Booster Units

Resvari (Variable Speed) and Resfix (Fixed Speed) booster sets for domestic dwellings with integral water storage with type AB Air Gap. Single phase 230v. Ideal for increasing water pressure around the home.

  • Integral water storage with Class AB air gap I.E. Category 5.
  • Delivery: up to 1 l/s 
  • Head: up to 4.2 Bar.
  • Actual usable tank capacity 180 litres.
  • Adjustable feet for easy levelling.
  • Internal vessel for smooth pump control and minimising the number of pump starts.
  • Input / output isolation valves for ease of maintenance and commissioning.
  • Low water protection


The Resvari (variable speed) and Resfix (fixed speed) booster sets have been designed to be compact, quiet in operation and to make servicing as simple as possible. Both variable and fix speed booster sets use a common cabinet size which have a removable top section. On routine maintenance checks or the rare occasion when the unit may need attention the top section can be easily removed to expose all the components which will help to make servicing quick, clean and problem free. Assist unit
Where a larger water storage volume is required an assist unit can be added to give an additional 180 litres of water storage.

Duty Requirement

The duty required can be found by looking at the two following items:-

  1. Pressure requirement. This has 3 elements to consider:- 
    1. a. Static head. This is the height above the break tank water line in the booster set to the highest outlet.
    2. b. Friction loss These are the losses through the pipe work including bends.  In the example below, estimating the total length of pipe to be 25 metres and limiting the velocity to 1.5m/s an average pressure loss of 15 metres per 100 metres can be expected.
    3. c. Residual pressure, this is the pressure required at the outlet.
    4. Example: Static height = 4m, Friction loss = 15/100 x 25m = 3.75m, Residual pressure at highest outlet = 20m, Total pressure requirement = 4 + 3.75 + 20 = 27.75m/10.2 = 2.7bar
  2. 2. Flow requirement. The flow requirement will depend on the number of occupants and the number and type of outlets that will be served. In general the Resvari (variable speed) and Resfix (fixed speed) booster sets are suitable for dwellings with up to 4 occupants or 6 occupants with the addition of the assist unit.
    1. Daily water demand as recommended by the Plumbing Engineering

      Services Guide:-
      1 bedroom 210 litres
      2 bedroom 130 litres each
      3 bedroom + 100 litres each

Power Supply : 230-1-50
Protection : IP65
Pump Type : Scuba SC205C 230-1-50
Input current :  4.37A

System connections

Mains incoming water supply: 15mm
Overflow: 22mm
System connection: 22mm


Cabinet: Powder coated steel
Water tank: Polyethylene
Ball valve 1/2”: Brass to BS1212 part 2
Pump: AISI 304 Stainless steel
Pipework: Copper
Compression fittings: Brass
Isolation valves: Brass
Plastic fittings: Polypropylene
Tank insulation: Polyisocyanurate (PIR)
Anti-spin bracket: AISI 304 Stainless steel
8 litre vessel: Powder coated steel with Butyl membrane

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Quick Specs:

Lowara cat-5 packaged break tank booster sets are designed to be both compact and cost effective.

  • Single or twin pump (Single pump only on 55lt and 91lt tank sets)
  • Variable or fi xed speed
  • e-SV vertical multistage pumps
  • e-HM horizontal pumps
  • Tank nominal volumes available: 55lt, 91lt, 250lt, 450lt, 680lt and 1000lt

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