Xylem GV Variable Speed Booster Sets

The Lowara GVF series booster sets are fully automatic booster sets for water supply. They are equipped with 2-6 pumps (where one can be a jockey pump), pressure transmitters and control panel with a SD60 controller and a variable frequency drive, all mounted on a frame for easy installation.

One pump is speed controlled and the rest operates at full speed. With the SD 60 controller it’s easy to set and check the performance either on site or remote via Modbus or internet.

  • Delivery: up to 750 m³/h
  • Head: up to 160 m
  • Power: up to 37 kW
  • Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar

The GS range of fixed speed booster sets includes models with 2 to 3 electric service pumps, and an additional jockey pump able to adapt to specific requirements within different applications. The start and stop of the pumps is based on the pressure values set on a pressure transducer, in order to deliver the water required. One pressure transducer is connected on the delivery side of the set.

A second one is connected but only as a reserve device. With the cyclic changeover function, duty assignment is rotated to ensure both pumps remain active and with even running hours, so wear is uniform and the use factor is reduced for longer pump life. This system also ensures continuity of operation, in case one of the pumps needs maintenance. The electric pumps used in the GSD range are FHE and SHE series and SV series vertical multistage pumps.Pumps are controlled by an electric control panel with a new electronic card with display on the front door. The electronic card and panel can also be used for waste water applications with up to 3 pumps installed

The Lowara Varispeed booster systems are suitable for mains water supply systems in buildings and facilities.They provide constant pressure thanks to the SD60 controller, the new main board that controls the number of pumps running and the speed of each pump. A Lowara Varispeed booster system includes pumps from the high-efficiency SV range and frequency converter in the panel. The booster set range consists of two to six SV pumps which are fitted on a common base with all components, pipes and fittings assembled. One pressure transducer is connected on the delivery side of the set. A second one is connected but only as a reserve device. The Varispeed system ensures instant control, flexibility, efficiency and energy savings. Thanks to its simple design and shape, the Varispeed booster systems are suitable for all types of installation where space is limited. Achieving constant pressure in the system ensures low maintenance costs, high quality operation, and cost savings. Lowara Varispeed booster systems establish high quality, value and new technologies that work together in a highly efficient system.


  • Water supply applications and irrigation systems
  • Compact system
  • High efficiency
  • Electric pump with motor EFF1 as standard and SD60 controller
  • Multilanguage menu with 12 languages
  • Easy to install
  • Plug and play installation and user friendly start up
  • Pump rotation on working hours or pump start
  • Frequency converter rotation on working hours
  • Easy to set
  • The oled display on SD60 controller shows the operating values and performance of the pumps
  • Monitor and control fieldbus communication
  • Modbus serial interface and Ethernet
  • TCP/IP ntegrate Varispeed interface with a computer for complete system control
  • Analogical inputs (0-20 mA, 4-20 mA) and outputs (0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V)
  • Autotest by a timer


Lowara Varispeed booster systems are equipped with SV series vertical multistage pumps. These high efficiency pumps with EFF1 motors offer higher efficiency and energy savings. The reliability and efficiency of the SV series, combined with the new SD60 controller, ensures we provide the best solution for our booster systems. Thanks to the SD 60, the brain of the Varispeed booster systems, it is possible to control up to six pumps, their speed and the number of pumps in run.

SD60 is linked with a frequency converter (one for the set or one for each pump) in order to achieve flexibility and full control of performance output. In this way it is possible to ensure constant water pressure all the times.

Varispeed booster systems are used when additional pressure and flow is required. The huge range of Varispeed models is developed in order to meet all customers’ demands forperformance, control and system monitoring.


Water supply

The Lowara Varispeed booster systems are suitable for water supply systems and for boosting pressure in high-rise buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, public buildings, industrial premises, theatres and camp sites, where the demands of water change frequently and at different times of the day. Lowara booster systems ensure the reliability of the system, maintaining constant water pressure for all users and all day.


Lowara Varispeed booster systems are able to satisfy the demand from an irrigation system, such as in agriculture, public parks and green areas, where constant pressure is required. They are especially suited to irrigation golf systems. In line with irrigation software, they can optimise the flow demands for each zone and the pressure value to sprinklers during the irrigation cycle. Through the SD60 controller it is possible to integrate with irrigation software in the user’s PC to control performance and adjust parameters when necessary.

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Xylem Cat 5 Booster Sets

Quick Specs:

Lowara cat-5 packaged break tank booster sets are designed to be both compact and cost effective.

  • Single or twin pump (Single pump only on 55lt and 91lt tank sets)
  • Variable or fi xed speed
  • e-SV vertical multistage pumps
  • e-HM horizontal pumps
  • Tank nominal volumes available: 55lt, 91lt, 250lt, 450lt, 680lt and 1000lt

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