Xylem GEN Booster sets for Firefighting

The GEN booster sets are built in conformity with EN12845 for automatic sprinkler systems and with UNI10779 for hydrant systems.

In accordance with the above standards, all the main components of the booster set are factory connected and assembled.

The configuration of the booster set depends on the number of pumps installed and on the type of electric motor or diesel engine, consistently with the type of supply chosen for the fire-fighting system from among those described in the standard. The water supply can be single, superior, duplicated or combined. Two main service pumps, one backing up the other, are normally installed for fire-fighting systems. The choice of electric motors or diesel engines depends on the level of reliability required from the system. In practice, fire-fighting booster sets have one electric service pump and one diesel service pump.

Point 10.2 of EN 12845 states that for superior or duplicate water supplies, and if more than one pump is installed, no more than one service pump can be driven by the electric motor. This concept means that mixed assemblies, comprising electric or diesel pumps, have to be installed. This does not mean that it is not possible to have two electric pumps, one backing up the other, if the ascertained fire risk is low (single supplies) or if a diesel generator is already incorporated in the system. The Lowara GEN series of booster sets are therefore configured according to system requirements and initial considerations.


They are also factory tested and comprise the following:

  • One or two horizontal or vertical service pumps with the same hydraulic performance level, driven by an electric motor.
  • Two horizontal service pumps with the same hydraulic performance level, driven by an electric motor and a diesel engine.
  • A horizontal service pump driven by a diesel engine.


The booster set is built and completed with the following main components:

  • A Lowara SV series jockey electric pump (if required), controlled by an electric panel in the automatic mode. The jockey pump is automatically started and stopped by its pressure switch in order to restore supply pressure. This prevents the service pumps from starting and activating the main alarms.
  • A control panel for each service pump.
  • Two pressure switches for each service pump (if the first fails, the second repeats permission for the pump to start).
  • On the discharge side of each service pump there is a on-off valve, a check valve and a tap for connection to the priming circuit for suction lift installations. Moreover, if the service pump works with a closed discharge line, a water recirculation tap has been applied to the pump body in order to prevent the pump from overheating.
  • Discharge manifold connected to each service pump, fitted with a weld-on flange for connection to the system.
  • Single base containing all the booster set components within a compact structure and ready for installation.


To complete the pump station as requested by the standard, the GEN series of booster sets are fitted with the following accessories:

  • Suction side kit.
  • Flow meter.
  • Alarm panel.
  • Set of spare parts for diesel engines.
  • Priming tank with accessories (for suction lift installations).
  • 24L diaphragm tanks

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Xylem Cat 5 Booster Sets

Quick Specs:

Lowara cat-5 packaged break tank booster sets are designed to be both compact and cost effective.

  • Single or twin pump (Single pump only on 55lt and 91lt tank sets)
  • Variable or fi xed speed
  • e-SV vertical multistage pumps
  • e-HM horizontal pumps
  • Tank nominal volumes available: 55lt, 91lt, 250lt, 450lt, 680lt and 1000lt

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