Xylem Hydroquench 3000 MK2

Lowara’s Hydroquench packaged fire system is setting the standard in fire prevention and fighting in residential developments across the UK. The automatic sprinkler sets provide a pressurised system in and residential installations, using the latest technologies to ensure the highest degree of reliability.

Designed to comply with the draft specification EN 12259-12 & BS 9251

  • Standard flow range: 0 - 400 l/m
  • Standard pressure range: 1 – 6 Bar
  • Higher flow rates available on request.

Main Features

  • Water supply and waste water applications
  • Fully pressurised system giving instant reaction to sprinkler operation.
  • Automatic self test cycle with true indication of pump condition.
  • Selectable test cycle frequency
  • Fully packaged units which enable quick cost effective installation.
  • Volt free alarm contact to give external warning of pump set started/fault.
  • Volt free alarm contact for evacuation alarm.
  • Monitors both pressure and flow to prevent premature manual shutdown.
  • Integral 8L vessel to accommodate expansion and maintain pressure against small leaks.
  • LED status indication.
  • Manual test facility.

Sprinkler systems

Most people will be aware of the sad fact that many lives have been lost to fire in unprotected buildings, but a lesser known fact is that no deaths by fire have been reported to date where the building was fully protected by fire sprinklers.


Hydroquench automatic sprinkler sets incorporate the latest technologies to ensure the highest degree of reliability. A large range of pump types are available enabling a perfect match for each individual system primarily covering Domestic and Residential applications.

Each month the sprinkler set will carry out a pump performance test to ensure the pump remains in perfect working order and ready for operation. The frequency of test is adjustable and can be increased if required.

Pump set on demand

When the on demand lamp is illuminated it signals that the fire set has been called into action and is now on demand, under this condition it is not possible to stop the set by pressing the stop button. Once the fire has been extinguished the discharge isolation valve can be closed which will cause the on demand lamp to be extinguished after which the stop button can be pressed and the set will stop.

General alarm contact

When the pump set starts, an audible alarm will sound at the set, a failsafe general alarm volt free contact will operate to indicate to a remote monitoring device (not supplied) that the pump set has started or a fault has occurred.

Flow alarm contact

The flow alarm volt free contact will only operate if flow is taking place indicating a real usage on the system.

This alarm contact can be used to trigger the evacuation alarm.

Pump test

The pump set will automatically operate a self test cycle at pre-set intervals, which can be adjusted between 4 and 28 days. This test can also be carried out manually at any time by operating the test button.

When being tested, manually or automatically, the pump runs for approximately 5 seconds. The pump will be monitored to ensure that it can achieve the design set point pressure. If the test is successful then no alarm will be sounded. If the pump fails then the audible alarm will sound and the general alarm volt free contact will operate.

Re-pressurisation mode

In this mode the control circuit will look at both pressure and flow, if pressure has fallen without flow taking place then the control logic will start a pump to re-pressurise the system without sounding the evacuation alarm. The pump will automatically stop and revert to standby mode when the system pressure is back to normal. The general alarm contact will operate whilst the Pump is running.

Recirculation line

The set is fitted with facilities to re-circulate Water back to the break tank or to drain to prevent overheating which could occur if the set was left to run under closed valve conditions.


The pump set is designed to maintain pressure to various sprinkler heads, if a sprinkler head is activated the pres- sure in the system will start to fall, a pressure switch within the system will monitor this fall in pressure and start the pump set. The pump will deliver the required pressure and flow to satisfy the system demand. When a sprinkler head is activated and the pump set has started a flow switch within the system will monitor flow through the system.

The pump set will now continuously run until pressure has been restored to the duty stop point and the flow switch has registered that no flow is taking place. When both criteria have been met the stop button will become operative. Under these conditions the stop button can be operated to stop the pump set.

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Xylem Cat 5 Booster Sets

Quick Specs:

Lowara cat-5 packaged break tank booster sets are designed to be both compact and cost effective.

  • Single or twin pump (Single pump only on 55lt and 91lt tank sets)
  • Variable or fi xed speed
  • e-SV vertical multistage pumps
  • e-HM horizontal pumps
  • Tank nominal volumes available: 55lt, 91lt, 250lt, 450lt, 680lt and 1000lt

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