Introducing Lowara Sekematik Wastewater Lifting Stations

Here at Southern Pumps Servicing we provide a wide range of solutions for lifting sewage and wastewater for both indoor and underground applications.

From small, affordable units for use in domestic applications, to large industrial-grade units, our wide range of lifting stations boasts the ideal product for your application.

Lowara Sekamatik Lifting Stations

Introducing the latest addition to our wastewater lifting station product range. The Lowara Sekamatik range of indoor lifting stations are ideal for WC stations and under-floor grey-water solutions as well as large commercial buildings with the larger units such as the 400/800 range.

Boasting fully automatic operationing, the Lowara Sekamatik range of grey water lifting stations are completely odour free in operation and compact enough to be used in the most space constrained applications such as behind toilets.

The smallest product in the Sekamatik range is the Lowara Sekamatik 10 - a compact lifting station with built-in macerator designed for use where a toilet cannot be linked to the sewer system using gravity. The Sekamatik 10 is easy to install and uses just 0,35kW or power.

Designed in accordance to EN 12050 regulations, the Lowara Sekamatik 400/800 wastewater lifting station is the largest product in the Sekamatik range, designed for use in commercial and public buildings. The Sekamatik 400 and 800 has one or two separately attached full size sewage pumps with channel or vortex hydraulics for problem free handling of wastewater.

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