Xylem Lowara DN submersible Pump Xylem Pumps

Drainage pumps with up to 22 metres head and up to 280 l/min (16,8 m3/h) delivery. This range consists of three pumps with up to 0,75 kW rated power

Type key Example:
Type key Example: Xylem - DN115/A Pump
DN Submersible drainage pump for dirty water
Quick Specs:
Impeller Size
AC 1~ 230V. 50Hz
AC 3~ 415V. 50Hz

Without Float Switch

Submersible Pump - Series DN/DNM

Drainage pumps with up to 22 metres head and up to 280 l/min (16,8 m3/h) delivery. This range consists of three pumps with up to 0,75 kW rated power.


  • Maximum liquid temperature:
    - 50°C with fully submerged pump
    - 25°C with partially submerged pump.
  • Open impeller with abrasion resistant rubber coating.
  • Mechanical seal protected by sand labyrinth.
  • Maximum dimension of suspended solids: 5 mm
  • Motor in a dielectric non-toxic oil bath, which ensures the lubrification of the ball bearings and a more efficient cooling.
  • Power cord: H07RN-F
    - single-phase: with plug.
    - three-phase: without plug.
  • Maximum immersion depth: 5 m.
  • IPX8 protection.
  • Versions:
    - Single-phase: 220-240V, 50Hz 2 poles.
    - Three-phase: 220-240V, 50Hz 2 poles.
    - Three-phase: 380-415V, 50Hz 2 poles.
  • The single-phase versions feature:
    - capacitor housed in a box on the power cord + 1,5 m. power cord with plug
    - thermal overload protection to stop pump supply in case of overheating.
  • CG versions (single-phase with pre-assembled float switch), 60 Hz single-phase and three-phase versions, versions with various power cord lengths and various plugs are available on request.


  • Irrigation from rainwater resevoirs, ditches, ponds and watercourses.
  • Draining of flooded excavations and marshy ground.


Submersible pump - Series DN

Single phase (230/1/50) complete with floatswitch and control box

  • DNM10/A CG with floatswitch - Part Number: 107550110XXXUBS
  • DNM115/A CG with floatswitch - Part Number: 107550120XXXUBS
  • DNM120/A CG with floatswitch - Part Number: 107550130XXXUBS

Single phase (230/1/50) without floatswitch

  • DNM10/A without floatswitch - Part Number: 107550010XXXUBS
  • DNM115/A without floatswitch - Part Number: 107550020XXXUBS
  • DNM120/A without floatswitch - Part Number: 107550030XXXUBS

Three phase (400/3/50)

  • DN110/A without floatswitch - Part Number: 107550060XXXUAA
  • DN115/A without floatswitch - Part Number: 107550070XXXUAA
  • DN120/A without floatswitch - Part Number: 107550080XXXUAA

Please Note:

  • All DN/DNM pumps are supplied with 10 meters of cable

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Lowara DOMO Sump Pump Xylem / Lowara Sump Pump

Quick Specs:

The DOMO series electric pumps are available with twin-channel or vortex impeller (DOMO VX). Designed to handle liquids with suspended solids up to 50 mm in diameter (35 mm for DOMO 7 and DOMO 7VX). Four basic models with 0,55 to 1,5 kW. DRIVELUB SEAL SYSTEM

  • Maximum liquid temperature: 35°C with fully submerged pump
  • Dry motor cooled by the pumped liquid.
  • Maximum immersion depth: 5 m
  • Pumping of effluent (VX model handles also suspended filaments)
  • Emptying of septic tanks and residential sumps

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