Xylem Lowara - Maxibox Plus Prefabricated Pumpstation

Xylem / Lowara Maxibox Plus is the ideal solution when clean water, rain water, gray water and waste water must be delivered to sewer mains located at a higher level, or where gravity drainage is not possible.

Quick Specs:


The standard tank is equipped with the following components, already assembled:

  • Polyethylene basin with a capacity of 1200 or 1900 liters.
  • Threaded cover.
  • 2 1/2" or 2" delivery pipes.
  • 2 DN65 or DN50 sliding device systems.
  • 2 ball check valves.
  • 2 gate valves.
  • Float switches bracket.

The supply also includes:

  • Cable glands for power supply cables and floats.
  • 1 rubber seal for DN160 inlet connection.

The standard tank doesn't include the pumps, so it must be completed with:

  • 2 submersible pumps DOMO, DOMOGRI, DL.

These have to be ordered separately.

  • Lowering devices guideclaws.

Selecting the right pump:

  • The pumps with Vortex or Grinder impellers are suitable for clean water, effluent and sewage handling that contain suspended solids and fiber materials.
  • The pumps with single or twin channel impellers are suitable for clean water, effluent and sewage handling that contain suspended solids but not fibres.
  • Maxibox Plus must be installed buried outside the building according to the indications in the installation and operating instructions manual.

Ecological solution:

  • Tank made of 100% recyclable polyethylene.
  • Watertight anti-pollution tank, according to the EN 12050-1 European standard.

Easy maintenance and repair thanks to the sliding device systems.

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Xylem Flygt Lifting Station Micro 6 Sewage Lifting Plant

Quick Specs:

MICRO 6 and MICRO 6+6 Series Prefabricated lifting station for wastewater according to EN 12050-1&2 standard.

  • Micro 6 version 270 litre tank (Single pump)
  • Micro 6+6 version 550 litre tank (Dual pump)
  • Tank made from 100% recyclable polyethylene, highly resistant to chemical attack and UV rays
  • Airtight anti-pollution tank, to according to standard EN 12050
  • Choice of positions allows best-fit location for inlet connection
  • Micro 6 and Micro 6+6 can be installed on the ground or buried in a suitable structure

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