Lowara Sekamatik 200 Compact under floor gray water lifting statio

Lowara Sekamatik 200 is a Compact under floor gray water lifting station

Flow:up to: 5,5 m3/h
Head:up to: 14 m
Volume (total):40 l
Power supply:Single phase 50 Hz
Power:from 0,18 kW up to 1,1 kW
Number of pumps:1
Quick Specs:

Designed in accordance with EN 12050.

The Sekamatik 200 is a fully automatic, compact and odor free lifting station for grey water designed for under floor installation. It features an odor-tight cover plate with floor drain or tile frame. The frame and plate is adjustable to align perfectly with the floor level. The Sekamatik 200 has an incorporated check valve to prevent backflow.

Lowara Sekamatik Wastewater Lifting Stations

Sekamatik series is a range of grey / rain water or sewage lifting stations ideal for larger private or public buildings. Motor power up to 11.5 kW with capacities up to 200 m3/h and storage tanks are available in plastic with volumes from 180 up to 800 liters.

The compact design allows an installation with minimum space requirement. Sekamatik 10 E 7M is a compact behind the toilet pumping station with cutter pump. Install a toilet anywhere, typically without any major construction.

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The range covers applications from WC stations and under floor grey water stations, to large double pump solutions for large commercial buildings.

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Lowara Sekamatik 10 Wastewater Lifting Station

Quick Specs:

Sekamatik 10 is a compact, cost effective, odor free and easy to install solution for handling domestic wastewater in buildings.

  • Flow: up to 16 m³/h
  • Head: up to 18 m
  • Volume (total): up to 11 l
  • Power supply: Single phase 50 Hz
  • Power: up to 0,35 kW
  • Temperature of pumped liquid: max 35 °C

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