Caprari Pump Installation Kensington and Chelsea Twin Pump Station

We have recently commissioned a pump station installation in the desirable area of Kensington and Chelsea.

Twin Caprari MXV09 Pumps 0.9kW

We configured this pumping station with 2x high-quality specialist sewage pumps capable of 50mm diameter solids handling. With our long history of installing sewage pump stations of various sizes in a wide range of applications, we've found the Caprari MXV09 to be very robust and reliable.

The Caprari MXV09 series pump combines easy handling with ability to convey water containing small and fibrous solids without difficulty - making them particularly suitable for pumping waste water and sewage.

Vortex Impeller

A 50mm free passage vortex impeller design ensures trouble free operation, even when pumping domestic sewage.Automatic Operation

Automatic level control is provided by an integral float switch, the capacitor is internal for simple power connection.Overload Protection

Auto-reset, thermal current overload protection is provided in the motor

Pump Features

  • 50mm diameter solids handling capability
  • Motor Power 0.9kW
  • Full Load Current 5.6 /3.4 Amps Max
  • Cast iron/Stainless steel construction
  • Optional float switch
  • Mechanical seal and lip seal
  • Coolant filled motor
  • Max liquid Temp  40'c
  • 10 metre cable on all models
  • Weight   20 Kg.
  • Guiderail option on Horizontal discharge models
  • Available in 3 phase
  • 10m head

4no Micro Pear Floats

As with all of our sewage pumping stations, this install also includes a number of float switches to monitor water level in the chamber.

Our float-switches are some of the highest quality on the market, manufactured from high-impact and corrosion resistant PVC they offer customers durability and reliability for a very important job.

IP55 Dual Control Panel

Unlike many other pumping station manufacturers we always use high-quality control panels for our pumping stations, built using high quality electrical and mechanical components in a robust case

Final Discharge Connection 2" UPVc to 110mm PVC

The discharge pipework on all of our installations are fully inspected and tested after commissioning to check for leaks. The robust, industrial-grade pipework we used is guaranteed to last for a very long time and is strong enough to avoid leaks caused by shock.

System tested with inflow of water under load

Before signing off the pumping station, we fully checked all aspects of the sewage pumping station. Here you can see where we put the station under high load of water to test the performance of the pumps and pipework as well as the storage sump.

Empty Sump 1200 x 635 x 1000mm (LWD)

This picture shows the sump when empty. based on the customers requirements and our estimated usage figures. This sump has a total storage capacity of around 700 litres, backwash flow + any surface water entering sump

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