Twin Pump Station Installation in Colchester, Essex

We were recently commissioned to install a twin pumping station within our clients PCC sump in Colchester.

Twin Pumping Station Specs
  • Pump Flow: 5-6 l/s discharge rate @ 3.2m
  • System Static: 0.7m
  • Horizontal Run: > 75-metres of 80mm i.d MDPE pipe (friction loss = 2.5m Inc station fittings)

All of our sewage pumping stations use the highest-quality components from the most reliable pumps to GRP chambers built to last whatever you can throw at them.

  • 2 highly-trained SPSE engineers to attend site
  • Caprari MAV sewage cast iron pumps 1.1kW 230v-1ph-50hz. 10m power cable as standard. Pump Duty: 5-6 l/s @ 3.2m
  • DN65 pump pedestal kits + twin guiderail assemblies.
  • 3m stainless steel lifting chain and shackles.
  • 2 ½" discharge UPVc pipework (Class E) and 2no sewage type non-return valves.
  • 90mm MDPE mechanical discharge coupling
  • Twin pump Control Panel IP55 mild steel enclosure, duty/standby, duty alternate + high-level alarm facility + VFC for connection to clients to BMS system. To be mounted on adjacent internal wall.
  • Pear type sewage floats 10m cables + float bracket.
  • Re-visit charge Included should discharge rising main or power be ready at time of installation.

We asked the client to ensure the ground works undertaken before we get to site leave a chamber access size of 900x900mm in order to give adequate room for installation of the dual pumps.

As with all of our quality foul water pumping station installations, we included a weatherproof mild steel kiosk, complete with double doors, asloping roof, ply backboard, stainless steel hinges and locking facility. We also include a 24v externally-mounted flashing high-level alarm beacon on kiosk incase the pumping station blocks or fails to pump adequately. As well as the beacon and alarm, our pumping station also includes a remote alarm dial out facility with will alert via text message for pump trip, high-level alarm or mains failure up to four different mobile numbers. We gave the client a choice between a GSM alarm which communicates via a fixed phone line, or one which uses a mobile network.

Unlike many budget sewage pumping stations, we included professionally bound Operation & Maintenance manuals for the clients ensuring they had all the information they would need on the unit should they need it. We also advised the client on how to properly look after the unit to ensure trouble-free operation and advised on a servicing schedule to suit.

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