Single Domestic Property Sewage Pumping Station Servicing in Richings Park, Iver

As any owner of a sewage pumping station will know, proper maintenance is crucial to the smooth operating of the equipment in order to avoid costly and troublesome emergency repairs.

We were recently asked by a client who lives in the lovely private estate of Richings Park in Iver to service he's foul water pumping station.

Within just a few days our friendly and highly experienced engineers was on-site to complete a major service of the dual-pump sewage pump station in question and got it operating and looking as good as the day it was commissioned.

What's Included in a Major Pumping Station Service?

Our major pumping station service includes everything your foul water pumping station should have done to it in order to ensure trouble-free operation. Our highly-trained sewage engineers will arrive on-site with all the necessary tools and equipment needed to get your pumping station back to peak performance, including:

  1. Lift pump(s), clean pump and check pump data plate
  2. Check pump volute for damage
  3. Check impeller for debris and damage unblock as required
  4. Check wear ring(s) for damage
  5. Assess motor / pump bearing condition
  6. Remove oil drain plug and check oil for water ingress (where appropriate)
  7. Refit oil drain plug with new "O" ring refill / replace oil (where appropriate)
  8. Check motor windings for continuity and insulation integrity
  9. Check motor cables for wear and water ingress
  10. Check and clean level control floats / ultrasonic head
  11. Check condition / serviceability of pump lifting system
  12. Check operation of isolation and reflux valves
  13. Check condition of wet well pipework
  14. Check condition of wet well and valve chamber (where appropriate) including access covers
  15. Check condition / serviceability of pump control panel
  16. Check and adjust all pump controls where necessary
  17. Check and test all safety / alarm facilities
  18. Check earth loop resistance
  19. Clean control panel
  20. Check condition of control panel kiosk (where appropriate)
  21. Clean and remove potential items to cause pump blockages from pump chamber
Before and After Pictures:

The service was completed by our team of competent engineers in the morning and as you can see left the pumping station in a far better condition than it was found in. This will help to eliminate the chance of blockages forming in the pumps and pipes, as well as extending the life of the 2 pumps inside the pumping station.

Pumping Station De-sludge

On this occasion the client also asked for us to complete our de-sluding service in the pump station, which meant pumping out the entire contents of stored fluid in the storage chamber and using powerful but safe chemicals to remove any fats and grease that had accumulated in the unit. which turned out in this case to be quite a lot.

Our 21 point check major service with tanker/jetter costs from £495 + VAT, book yours today by calling our team on 020 8991 6650.

Regular servicing of your sewage / foul water pumping station and pumping equipment will extend its life expectancy, as well as increase its efficiency in-turn reducing ruining costs and unnecessary, costly call outs.

Increased Pumping Station Lifespan
Increased Pumping Station Efficiency
Reduced Pumping Station Failures and Call-Outs

For further information contact us on 020 8991 6650 and ask for service contracts.

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