Looking after your pumping station

Often taken for granted and forgotten about, if your house or commercial property needs a sewage / wastewater pumping station, otherwise known as a packaged pumping station, it's very important to look after it in order to keep it operating effectively.

At Southern Pumps Servicing Engineering Ltd. our sewage pumping stations are built to last, we only use the highest quality materials and components in all of our custom built pumping stations. However, even the best quality sewage pumping stations need regular maintenance as well as proper treatment in order to provide you with a trouble-free life.

In this blog post, we'll talk about a few basic things every packaged pump station owner should know in order to properly look after their pumping station.

What you shouldn't do to your sewage pumping station

It's important to remember that everything you flush down your toilets and drains will end up in your sewage pumping station. Although pump stations are designed and built to handle foul water, sewage, natural human waste and biodegradable products - chiefly toilet paper, they are not designed to handle many other things residents tend to flush away.

Fat and grease build-up in sewage pumping stations are a major reason for our service teams to be called out by residents of faulty pumping stations. We regularly see the fats and oils flushed down kitchen sinks build up in the sewage pumping stations storage chamber, where it encases float switches, creates blockages and can even lead to pumps being unable to run.

Another common cause of pumping station failure is foreign objects being flushed down toilets that pumping stations just aren't designed to handle, these can include rags and clothes, nappies, sanitary towels and even nappies. Although there are many products about today marketed as biodegradable and safe to flush down toilets such as fibrous wipes, they often fail to break down in water and as such we don't recommend using them in any pumping station.

What you should do to your sewage pumping station

Regular maintenance and servicing is essential to the smooth and trouble-free operation of a sewage pumping station. We offer a range of sewage pumping station servicing and maintenance plans that will keep your packaged pumping station grease-free, clean, block-free and in good running order.

Although servicing isn't free, most people find the cost of properly maintaining their sewage pumping station is paid back by not having to call companies out when their unserviced pumping station breaks down.

Regular servicing of pumpstations and pumping equipment will provide the extend life expectancy of your pumping station, hydraulically efficiency and will reducing ruining costs, reduce the number of unnecessary call outs, for further information contact us on 020 8991 6650 ask for service department.

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