Housing Estate Sewage Pumping Station Servicing

We have just completed a major service of two pumping stations for our customer in London. This housing estate has 1 foul water pumping station on site, and a surface water pumping station.

As we recommend to most clients, this site is serviced twice annually with our full foul water pumping station service which includes a 21-point check and removal of all Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs) with a tanker.

Whilst servicing the foul water pumping stations we found one of the pumps partially blocked with ragging, although no alarm was raised as the blockage wasn't enough to cause an overload on the pump. The second pump was also still working very effectively and so even with the blockage our client didn't face any pumping station failure.

All of our pumping stations include the option to fit a GSM/BT telemetry unit which will notify us and yourself in the event of failure - this is highly recommended especially in situations where pumping station failure would have a big effect on the client such as restaurants and homes.

Prevention is always better than cure, and so our clients are always advised on what can, and most importantly what can't be disposed of down toilets leading to a sewage pumping station - in this case non-fiberous ragging had been disposed of which can't be passed through pumps - even our German-made high quality ones! After clearing the ragging, we informed the client who has in-turn notified the housing estate serviced by the pumping station that non-fiberous materials cannot be disposed of down toilets.

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