Pump Station Refurbishment in a Hertfordshire Nightclub

We were recently asked to undertake a full foul-water pumping station refurbishment for a large nightclub in Hertfordshire. The twin-pump pumping station served the kitchen area, bar area and toilets throughout the nightclub - so getting it running reliably was high priority.

The pumping station wasn't one of our own, so we had the opportunity to upgrade many of the components to much higher quality ones that would last longer and require less maintenance over the pump stations lifetime.

The customer contacted us as the sewage pumping stations' twin pumps had completely failed, meaning they were needing to get the tank emptied every week at £300 per time by a local tanker company - this was both impractical and costly. The customer was also having issues with the storage tank itself distorting.

When we got to site we learned the pumping station had very poor access due to it's location, however this wasn’t a problem to our Confined Space Trained engineers who have had specialist training in how to work effectively and safely in such places.

We started by a thorough cleaning a de-greasing of the chamber, using specialist tools and chemicals to ensure there was no more fats and greases in the pumping station that could potentially cause future breakdowns. Once the pumping station was clean we got to work fixing the issue of the GRP tank distorting. After decades in the industry there's not a lot our engineers haven't seen - so we knew a proven way of reinforcing the tank with a metal base-plate to stop any distortion. Next we replaced the 2 Chinese-manufactured pumps for specialist, high quality Caprari MAV sewage pumps; which we have found to be extremely reliable and cost effective over the years.

All pump guide-rails and chains were replaced with high-quality new parts as well all pipework being replaced with new speciality PVC pipework that's robust and won't degrade. We also replaced the four float switches to ensure water-levels could be accurately and reliably monitored at all times.

After our refurbishment we were pleased to leave the pumping station looking better than new - fitted with high-quality, proven components that will offer our client hassle-free running over their lifetime as long as properly maintained.

  • Replace crap pumps with 2x Caprari MAVs
  • All new PVC pipework
  • Stainless steel guide rails, brackets and chains
  • Reinforced GRP storage chamber base to stop distorting

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