Harrow School Foul Water Pumping Station Servicing

We have recently been asked to service a foul water pumping station at the Harrow School.

Harrow School for Boys was founded in 1572 under a Royal Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I. It is located in a leafy 300-acre estate, encompassing much of Harrow on the Hill in Northwest London. Eight years ago we won a contract to design and install a foul water pumping station for the school, which, as with all pumping stations needs servicing yearly.

Yearly foul water pumping station servicing ensures FOGs (Fats, Oils, Grease) don't build up in the pumping station's chamber which could potentially lead to a blockage. A Southern Pumps service will also check the mechanical operation of the pumping station from the pumps themselves, to guiderails, pipes, alarms, switches etc..

During our annual service of Harrow School's foul water pumping station we found the 8-year old float switches had diminished and were in need of replacing, this was done on-site. We also used our tanker partner to completely drain the pumping station and clean the chamber of all FOGs that had accrued.

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