Full Domestic Pump Station Refurbishment in Central London

We were recently commissioned to provide a full pump station refurbishment to a domestic customer in Central London.

The customer had been experiencing ongoing issues with the pumps failing due to blockages caused by wet wipes - a common issue we come across and the reason we heavily advise against using wet wipes if you have a sewage pumping station!

  • Dual ABS piranha macerator pumps
  • Replaced brittle pipework with all new Industrial-Grade ABS plastic pipework,
  • Non return valves
  • High-Quality Gate valves
  • 4x Micro-Sewage Float Switches

As you can see in the pictures below, before our pump station refurbishment the flat's sewage pump was suffering from corrosion and brittle pipework and flexible pipes which exposed the unit to the risk of leaks.

With the new ABS Piranha specialist sewage pumps with macerators the customer shouldn't experience any further issues with blockages. You can also see the new long-life float valves which have been installed along with new wiring.

ABS Piranha Sewage Pumps

We installed 2x ABS Pirahna sewage pumps into the pumping station as their unique shredding action makes them ideal for this scenario where the customer was constantly experiencing blockages in the old pumps due to wet wipes.

Piranha sewage pumps with shredding action provide reliable and economical discharge of effluent under pressure in private municipal and communal schemes. They offer an economical alternative to gravity sewers, and improve environmental protection for pressurised sewer systems.

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