Blocked Grease Traps

Over time your grease trap may become blocked by FOGs (Fats, Oils and Grease) causing your sink to stop draining effectively or even sometimes at-all.

At Southern Pumps Services Ltd we are experts in waste water from commissioning and installing new pump stations to installing and maintaining grease traps for a wide range of customers throughout the UK.

If you're sink is no longer draining correctly Southern Pumps can come to site and diagnose and treat the issue, which is usually caused by a blocked grease-trap.

There are hundreds of industries who rely on grease-traps to catch grease from sinks reeking havoc on their plumbing systems and drainage. Our biggest customers tend to be in the restaurant industry, especially restaurants with high-fat foods such as fast-food restaurants. Hotels and pubs are also major uses of grease traps and regularly suffer from blocked grease traps.

Grease trap maintenance must be performed regularly in order to keep your sinks draining correctly and your drainage systems running effectively. We recommend most grease traps are emptied of FOGs on a weekly, or possible daily basis depending on the size and storage capacity of your specific unit.

Southern Pumps Servicing Ltd greae trap maintenances service keeps your grease-trap in optimal condition, aiding flow of waste and ensuring no costly emergency call outs are needed at a later date.

Fats, Oils and Grease will build up in your grease trap and solidify as hard as cement, this can be very difficult to remove without the skills and tools of a professional company.

We offer a massive selection of grease traps from Epoxy-coated to stainless steel in a wide range of sizes. If you would like some advice on selecting the correct grease trap for your application then contact our sales team today.

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Stainless Steel Grease Traps

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Epoxy Coated Grease Traps

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Grease Trap Maintenance

Do you have a blocked Grease Trap, or simply aim to keep your grease trap well-maintained

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