ABS / Sulzer Lifting Stations for Waste Water

If you're domestic property or commercial unit does not have gravity access to the main sewer, you'll need a waste water lifting station to get sewage and grey water from your property to the sewer.

ABS prefabricated lifting stations provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for people who this issue effects. Delivered on site fully-assembled, the ABS range of sewage lifing stations make the ideal choice for reliably pumping sewage and foul water to the sewer.

Over many years ABS have perfected their range of sewage lifting stations to ensure reliability, robustness and versatility so that you can rest assured of a trouble-free future with your ABS pumping station.

Here at Southern Pumps Servicing Ltd we have been providing ABS / Sulzer sewage and foul water pumps and lifting stations for many years to a large customer base, in that time we've received fantastic feedback from happy residents regarding the quality of the equipment and it's trouble-free operation.

Browse our wide range of ABS prefabricated lifting stations to find your perfect foul water pumping solution, or call our sewage specialist sales team on 020 8991 6650 for advice on the best ABS / Sulzer lifting station for your application.

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