To Block or Not to Block, We have the answer ABS EffeX XFP

Southern Pump Services Engineering installed six of the new pumps during a pump station refurbishment in January 2010 the Shakespeare Globe Theatre has been delighted with the results, most of all with the level of reliability.

Manufacture Southern Pump Services Engineering
Product ABS XFP80C 4kw - EffeX
Chamber 3 x Below Ground GRP Tanks
Contract Shakespeare Globe
Value 40k

The ABS EffeX XFP premium efficiency submersible pump has proved the success at the internationally renound Shakespeare Globe Theatre.

Our contract covers three dual foul water pump stations and three borehole pump installations inside the theatre. Prior to the refurbishment the existing pumps were constantly blocking leading to numerous call-outs and the unacceptable risk of flooding the venue, which welcomes thousands of visitors every day.

In the eight months since the pumps have been replaced, no blockages at all have been experienced.

Our success is built on delivering high-quality solutions to time and budget, having installed the ABS EffeX range on several sites this year from new installations, refurbishments the overall results have been outstanding. The ABS EffeX XFP range is our preferred product and enables us to maintain the highest level reliability.

The ABS EffeX XFP submersible sewage pump range was launched in 2009 by ABS at Southen pumps we have installed over 30 pumps this year. The product offers a combination of advanced benefits including, improved reliability, greater energy saving, future proof design and sustainability as well as the highest level of blockage resistance demonstrated at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre.

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