ABS Piranhamat 701 Lifting Station ABS Pumps

Flood-proof lifting station for the automatic pumping of sewage from areas below the backwash level in accordance with EN 12050-

Type key Example:
Piranhamat Synthetic Pumping Station
W & D W (230V) D (400V)
Quick Specs:
Flow up to: 8 m³/h
Head, Max: 31m

Flood-proof lifting station for the automatic pumping of sewage from areas below the backwash level in accordance with EN 12050-1. The Piranhamat 701 is used for the reliable and economic discharge of wastewater under pressure using small diameter discharge lines. Suitable for new installations or for renovation of old buildings.


  • Ready for installation; robust, compact tank, suitable for single-family houses.
  • Easily transported and fitted. Compact dimensions allow passage through a standard door opening.
  • Fitted with ABS Piranha submersible grinder pump for problem-free pumping of sewage and wastewater containing faecal matter in pipe lines from 1¼” diameter (DN 32).
  • Nine horizontal inlet ports (6 x DN 100, 3 x DN 40) and four vertical (2 x DN 70, 2 x DN 40). One DN 70 port is needed as a vent line. DN 40 is suitable for the connection of a hand membrane pump.
  • Pumps high head up to 30 m. Most suitable for applications with minimum head of 8 m.
  • Cast iron discharge outlet with threaded flange G 1¼”.
  • Shredding system consisting of a spiral bottom plate containing a stationary cutter ring with cutting edges and a shredding rotor located below the impeller, reduces the medium for optimum blockage-free running.
  • Shaft sealing between motor and hydraulic section by means of a single mechanical seal of silicon carbide, independent of direction of rotation,resistant to temperature shock and to dry running. Motor side: lip seal, oil lubricated.
  • Motor shaft is mounted in lubricated-for-life, maintenancefree ball bearings.
  • Maximum allowable temperature of the medium for continuous use is 40 °C; or up to 60 °C for intermittent use (max. 5minutes).


Synthetic, corrosion-resistant, gas- and odour-tight tank, in accordance with EN 12050-1. Supplied as standard with pump and control panel with automatic level control and alarm.

Capacity: 70 litres


Water pressure sealed, squirrel cage 2-pole induction motor, with double shaft seals and oil chamber. Electronic monitoring of stator temperature and overcurrent.

Insulation: Class F for 155 °C
Protection type: IP 68


Description Material
Tank Polyethylene (PE)
Motor Housing Cast iron EN-GJL-250
Rotor Shaft Stainless steel 1.4021 (AISI 420)
Volute Cast iron EN-GJL-250
Impeller Cast iron EN-GJL-250
Bottom Plate Cast iron EN-GJL-250
Fasteners Stainless steel 1.4401 (AISI 316)

Technical Data

Piranhamat 701W 701D
Motor power* (kW) P1 = 2.3 P2 = 1.7 P1 = 2.3 P2 = 1.7
Speed (r/min) 2900 2900
Rated voltage (V) 220-240 1~ 400 3~
Rated current (A) 7.0 4.0
Cable type (S1BN8-F) 4G1.5 4G1.5
Cable length (m)** 4.0 4.0
Weight (kg)*** 58 58

* P1 = Power taken from mains; P2 = Power at motor shaft;
** Tank to control unit 4 m, control unit mains 1.5 m;
*** Additional weight with hand membrane pump = 13 kg


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ABS Piranhamat 701 Lifting Station Sewage Lifting Plant

Quick Specs:

Suitable for the removal of liquids containing solid particles up to 30 mm from wash-hand basins, domestic washing machines, or showers, from areas below the sewer level in accordance with EN 12050-2.

  • Ready-for-use, plug-in unit with EURO plug
  • Compact triangular design optimises space beneath a washhand basin
  • Solids handling up to 10 mm for Robusta, 20 mm for MF 154, and 30 mm for MF 324
  • Odour-tight lid with odour lock and venting, including charcoal odour filter and overflow protection
  • Alarm float switch available as accessory

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