SPSE 1017/50E Single Pump - Economy Packaged Pump System

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SPSE/1017/E/50 GRP Single Pumpset - Economy Packaged Pump System

“SPSE 1000E range” GRP packaged pump station for collection and pumping of domestic surface, wastewater water, foul and sewage from a single development or areas where drainage by gravity is not possible.


  • Basement
  • Underground car park
  • Domestic property
  • Annex, play room, extension or areas below sewer level
  • Domestic building extension
  • Liftshaft
  • Service station
  • Wash down area

SPSE 1000E Economy pumpstation

SPSE1000E Range of GRP 'Packaged Pump Station' installed with 50mm flexible pipework, 50mm non return valve and gate valve, high level quick-fit union, free standing submersible pump c/w integral floatswitch 1ph 230v option only single pumpset with upto 50mm solids handling.

1.0mtr Dia x 1.7mtr Deep GRP Chamber as standard additional depths available on request, up to 2.5mtrs deep minimum tank depth of 900mm

Free standing pump with integral floatswith for duty only operation, optional High-level alarm unit C/W Floatswitch 10mtrs cable or shelf spare pump at extra cost

Pressed steel access cover and frame is included, additional cost apply for upgrading to either A15 pedestrian rated , B125 medium duty, D400 heavy duty or recessed for block paving. Access covers and frames are supplied lose and should be independently supported over the pump chamber by others.



We are able to provide details of our Service Schedule; this is required to maintain your pumping station in its optimum condition.

SPSE Service scheme provides for regular visits throughout the year and includes for labour and travel. Any additional parts and materials are charged at the quoted price, Any parts replaced during the first 12 months, as a result of normal wear and tear, are covered under our standard warranty replacement.


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Wet Well Construction GRP Chamber
Wet Well Diameter 1000mm
Chamber Depth 1.7M as standard (1.35M - 2.5M deep) available on request
Pump Station Pipework 50mm internal flexible pipework, top quick-fit union, galvanised discharge connection
Pump Station Valves 50mm BSP NRV / 50mm BSP Gate Valve
Pump Discharge 2" BSP
Access Cover Pedestrian Rated - Pressed Steel additional options available on request
Opening Size 600mm x 450mm
Number of Pumps One DN50 Discharge
Pump Arrangement Submersible Free Standing C/W High Level Quick Fit Union
Power Supply 220v, 1phase 50hz ONLY
Control Panel No panel included, Optional cost for High-level alarm unit C/W Floatswitch
Duty Regime Duty Only
Level Control Integral Floatswitch

Above Equipment Supplied as Standard

We can supply explosion-proof submersible pumps and electrical equipment at additional cost.

Should you require further information regarding any of our products or services we offer, call: 020 8991 6650.

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Optional Extras

Pump Station Commissioning

Site attendance in which to complete mechanical and electrical installation works to pumping station plus commissioning systems once the electrical supply has been installed just complete the form below and we will contact you to arrange a day to suit your schedule.

Pump Station Pre-Commissioning Site Check List

Pump Station Installation Guide

Additional cost may apply for returning visits.


Cabling for both pump power and float controls with IP66 junction boxes, as required should power location, control panel be over 5-metres from pump station.

Additional costs apply.

ECO/SPSE - High-Level Alarm

Battery backup 9V high level alarm C/W 10mtrs Dual action floatswitch.

Additional costs apply.

ECO/SPSE - Shelf Spare Pump

Standby pump - shelf spare backup pump for direct replacement of pump failure for SPSE/Economy Stations

Additional costs apply.


Kiosks are manufactured from 2mm-zintec sheet steel to BS6687-1968 (chromate washed - substrate BS1449 -2.5 microns), the kiosks are press formed and welded construction to IP55 of BS5490 to give good earth continuity.

  • Two Kiosk lifting bracket
  • Wooden backboard
  • 14mm floor fixing
  • Door stay
  • Flush 7mm triangular lock
  • Door brackets to facilitate the fitting of a Yale lock
  • Full height unistruts at rear of each section
  • Internal hinges
  • Earthling points

The following extras can be fitted as an extra option

  • Ventilation louvers
  • Cat flap
  • Generator connection
  • Anti-condensation heater and thermostats
  • Plinth

We also provided other materials of construction (314 and 316) stainless steal and different sizes, contact us for further details

Access Covers

Access Covers Pressed Steel supplied as standard

  • Light duty single or double seal solid top manhole cover and frame in grey iron manufactured to BS EN124 Class A15
  • EN124 third party quality assurance accreditation
  • Single seal or double seal
  • Closed keyways

Additional cost apply for upgrading to either A15, B125 medium duty or D400 heavy duty access covers

Fix Line / Dial-Out Telemetry

Dial-Out Telemetry (using clients Fix line) or GSM module (subject to service provider coverage) incorporated within control panel or retro fitted to existing pump control panel

Pump Station Servicing

Service Contracts - Scheduled annual visits to service pump station, arranged visits within calendar month excluding call-outs charged at standards rates.
  • User friendly on-line service system *Login Online*
  • Service history available on-line
  • Service reminders sent via e-mail
  • Engineers reports filed on-line and e-mailed - normally within 24hrs
  • Our own engineers available 24-7/365 for emergency call-outs

Operation & Maintenance manuals to Southern Pump Services standard format.

Additional costs may apply.

Should you require further information regarding any of our products or services we offer, call: 020 8991 6650.

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