Secondary School, collage, Hospital, Large Housing Development or Industrial Estate Below Ground Pumping Systems

Chambers starting from 2100mm Diameter single or dual pump option where drainage by gravity is not possible

Foul/Sewage | Secondary School, Collage, Hospital, Large Housing Development campsites or Industrial Estate

  • A choice of submersible pump(s) pedestal mounted* optional free standing or high level coupling available, we only use the highest quality pumps within our below ground pump stations
  • Single or Dual pump(s) single pump cost effective free standing single pump station for duty only operation, dual pump dual pump station for duty/standby or duty/assist operation, second pump auto change over for pump failure
  • Pipework - pre-assemble galvanised pipework, non-return valve(s) and isolation valve(s)fitted* optional UPVc, stainless steel or ductile iron pipework available
  • Control Panel - below ground pump stations includes a integrated high level alarm, volt free contact (common fault/high level alarm) and three or four floatswitches*optional, probes, ultra sonics and battery back-up high level alarm.
  • Manhole Covers - A15 Pedestrian Rated* optional D400, B125, Double Sealed, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, or Steel Access Covers and Frames are available. (covers are supplied loose for independently supporting over the pump station)
    *as standard
Electrical Supply
1ph / 240v
3ph / 415v
Vortex Impeller
100mm Discharge
150mm Discharge
Channel Impeller
100mm Discharge
150mm Discharge
200mm Discharge
Foul/Sewage Water
Basement, Utility Room, En-Suite, Extension or Single Property
Domestic Development Maximum Four Properties
Small Housing Development, Campsites
Junior School, Small Industrial Estate, Restaurant or Hotel
Surface Water
Drive Way, Patio, Small Car Park or Pool Back Wash
Wash Down Area, Large Car Park or Groundwater
Roof Run Off, Food Prep Wash Down or Attenuation

7 Matching Below Ground Pumping Systems

Image NameDiameterHigh Level Auto - CouplingFoul/Sewage Water Surface Water Free StandingPedestal MountedElectrical SupplyATEX - RatedVortex Impeller Channel Impeller Macerator Impeller
SPSE 2125/50M Dual Pumps - Packaged Pump System
From: £10,301.00
SPSE 2525/50M Dual Pumps - Packaged Pump System
From: £10,654.00
SPSE 1825/100 Dual Pumps - Packaged Pump System
From: £13,397.00
SPSE 2125/100 Dual Pumps - Packaged Pump System
From: £14,488.00
SPSE 2525/100 Dual Pumps - Packaged Pump System
From: £14,957.00
SPSE 2525/150 Dual Pumps - Packaged Pump System
From: £18,995.00
SPSE 2525/200 Dual Pumps - Packaged Pump System
From: £25,339.00
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