upgrade of basement level - foul drainage dual pumpstation

Southern Pump Services Engineering
Wilo FA08.22 - Dry Well Pumps
Above Ground 40,000ltr GRP tank
SOAS - Philips Building

Upgrade of basement level foul drainage, 30-year old Warwins dry well pumping equipment dual pumping station.

Provide an engineered solution to replace some 30-year old Warwins dry well pumping equipment located at SOAS Philips Building - London in the university’ basement. Access was a particular problem and the station had failed.

Existing dry well to be considered a confined space and so full CS entry and rescue equipment was used. All existing pumps and controls was mechanically and electrically isolated and locked off. Local smoke and fire detectors where isolated by building maintenance team prior to hot works commencing. Portable lifting gantry erected over dry well chamber and lifting chain blocks attached.

Remove all external pumps, motors, valves and associated external pipe work. Gas cutting to commence on existing foul tank. Tank was cut into 8 sections and removed using gantry and lifting equipment.

All redundant equipment was removed from site and disposed off to current waste management regulations. The supply, offloading and place into position new SPSE3300/DW/2/80/5 Packaged Twin Pump Station. Size of station was increased slightly to that of existing equipment. New Pump station included dual pump control panel and level control system. 

Existing circular concrete plinth within drywell was extending out to dry well sump walls to accommodate new foul storage tank and pumping equipment. New equipment to be lifted into position in sections within dry well. Equipment was installed include new tank, EMU FA08 10kw dry well pumps, suction and discharge isolation valves, pump non-return valves, discharge pipework (DN100 ductile iron) connecting onto existing DN100 cast pipework at high level. Existing station ventilation and discharge pipework to be reconnected at high-level. Replace existing control panel at basement level with new control panel.

A new cable duct was installed from CP location across to dry well chamber to accommodate pump power + level control cabling. This involved breaking out existing floor, new 4” duct introduced and finished with cement to original level. New cable tray fixed vertically within dry well chamber across to new station. Run pump power and level control cabling back to control panel using cable tray and ducting and connect. Local isolators will be installed for each pump.

Replace existing submersible drainage pump with new 2 x Wilo TMW32/8-1ph unit and connect onto existing discharge pipework. Installation of a separate control panel with high-level alarm unit.

The whole system took 5 working days to refurbish, install and commission. With the SPSE above ground pumping station capable of pumping sewage and waste water at 40 litres/second from the entire building over a distance of 300meters with a tank capacity of 40,000 litres.

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