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Pumped Medium:
Pump Arrangement
Single    Twin
Distance from Sump Base to Control Panel Location
Number of Bends in Pumped Rising Main
Pump Station Storage Below Incoming Sewer (A):: See Building Regulations Section H1 (2.39) to Conform
Vertical Distance from Pumping Station Invert to Discharge Sewer Invert (SEE B):
Application or Daily Flow – L/S, GPM, M³h
Electricity Supply
1PH-240v    3PH-415v
Type of Manhole Cover
Pedestrian    Heavy Duty
Material and Size of Rising Main
Vertical Distance from Ground level to
Main Incoming Sewer (SEE A):
Horizontal Distance from Pumping Station to Discharge Point (SEE C):
New or Existing Rising Main
New   Existing
If Existing - Size of Rising Main
24 Hours storage required
Yes   No
Any additional information



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