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Rainwater disposal not only affects the safety of the natural bodies of water (rivers, canals, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, etc.) into which it flows, but the entire sewer network through to the local and district water treatment systems.

Rainwater pollution is mainly caused by: substances that come straight from the actual soil and, to a lesser degree, from the atmosphere.

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Thus the first fraction of rain collected turns out to be polluted to a greater extent as it combines with all the pollutants that settle on the soil during dry weather. Use of storage tanks is becoming increasingly more widespread in an endeavour to reduce the environmental impact that occurs when first-flush rainwater is disposed of in natural bodies of water. The purpose of these tanks is to collect and hold the first fraction of the water produced by a heavy downpour, thus preventing it from flowing into natural bodies of water in an uncontrolled way.

However, the solids in first-flush rainwater settle at the bottom of these tanks and make them considerably difficult to manage. These solids contain a certain organic fraction that helps microorganisms and bacteria to proliferate in the presence of high temperatures and humidity, leading to the production of gas and unpleasant odours. This means that cleaning and the removal of these sediment is of prime importance when it comes to servicing primary rain storage tanks.

Emptying system

To ensure that these artificial reservoirs (storage tanks) continue to be efficient after each operating cycle, they must always be restored to a tip-top condition after each downpour, so that they are ready to receive the next rainfall. Caprari proposes automated solutions able to equip the tanks for the following phases:

  • Handling
  • Emptying
  • Cleaning

With a comprehensive range of specific products.

Handling Equipment

Submersible electric mixers

  • Ultra-efficient during the phase when the settled particles are subjected to handling and renewed suspension
  • Power installed (Watts) being equal, the mixers possess superior flow rate and thrust specifications
  • They achieve substantial energy savings

Automatic Cleaning Equipment

W-W hydro-ejector assembly (water-water)

  • Higher water flow rate with double-suction ejectors

W-A hydro-ejector assembly (water-air)

  • The air facilitates the resuspension process for the settled solid particles besides preventing unpleasant odours from forming

Automation System

Controller Complete with:

  • 16 digital inputs
  • 8 digital outputs
  • Eight 4-20 mA analog inputs
  • Two 4-20 mA analog outputs
  • GPS/GPRS/UMTS modem + Antenna
  • MODBUS RTU standard communication protoco
  • Dedicated software for configuring and operating primary rain tanks
cycle and the operating time can be programmed to suit the hold / operating time settings of the pumping station itself.

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Caprari Xylem / Lowara Sump Pump

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The D and M series electric submersible pumps are the pumps for handling surface drainage water.

A wide range of models includes:

  • Specially designed lightweight and easily handled domestic use pumps
  • Robust construction site use pumping units capable of handling even the most arduous jobs.

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