Caprari Solutions for the tanning industry - KW+/T DN 80-100 Electric submersible pumps for drainage

KW+/T pumps have been specifically designed for pumping fluids containing abrasive particles in suspension.

They are used for treating the processing water in tanning industries, as well as the water used for the production of concrete and for processing aggregates.

The range includes centrifugal pumps featuring nodular cast iron torque-flow impellers with non-clogging profile. The components that come into contact with the pumped fluid are subjected to anti-abrasion and rust-inhibiting treatments.

Thanks to the construction specifications and materials used, this range of pumps is reliable, extremely wear-resistant and easy to service.

The pumps are also available in the ATEX II 2G Exd IIB T4 explosion-proof version.

Capacity 65 l/s
Head: 22 m
Power 11,2 kW
Quick Specs:

Design at the service of industry

Caprari has been making pumps since 1945 and over the years has become a benchmark in many fields of application. Thanks to the constant evolution of its design processes and the continuous upgrading of its production systems, Caprari is capable of r esponding fully to current market demands. Furthermore, with its complete pre and after-sales service, the company is able to take on the role of an authoritative, thorough partner, capable of r esolving all industrial pumping problems with its skilled, reliable and technologically advanced working methods. As part of its search for targeted applications, the company has developed a range of submersible electric pumps specifically for the tanning industry with special components and anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion treatments.

Innovative products – avant-garde services

Caprari , one of the most important international manufacturers of electric pumps for the management of pumping systems, has decided to invest in solutions dedicated to improving the handling and treatment of water in the various stages of tanning industry work processes. The Caprari range of submersible electric pumps is completed with a vast selection of submersible aerators, mixers, flow accelerators and control equipments


  • Untreated water intake
  • Optimisation of treatment and mixing processes
  • Handling and collection of wastewater
  • Production process feed systems
  • Chrome recovery systems
  • Treatment, micro-filtering and screening systems
  • Lifting systems for sampling and flow-rate measurement
  • Lifting systems for hair saving



Vortex impeller in nodular cast iron, with anti-clogging design, and corrosion-proof painting in the standard execution. Available on request with corrosion-proof and abrasion-proof coating treatment.

Pump casing

Pump casing in cast iron, with wide and free passages. Available on request with corrosion-proof and abrasion-proof coating treatment for all internal surfaces in contact with pumped liquid.


Mechanical seals (pump/motor side double seal) available on request with contact surfaces treated with high-resistance material.

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Quick Specs:

The D and M series electric submersible pumps are the pumps for handling surface drainage water.

A wide range of models includes:

  • Specially designed lightweight and easily handled domestic use pumps
  • Robust construction site use pumping units capable of handling even the most arduous jobs.

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