Caprari K+ Electric submersible pumps DN 80 ÷ 200 submersible pump for sewage

The compact construction, carefully designed hydraulics, perfect mechanical proportions, generously scaled electrical fittings and standard supply safety devices give the range a high level of reliability and long life, putting the product at the top end of the market in terms of quality.

DN 80 - 200
kW: 1,1 ÷ 15
Quick Specs:

High-efficiency electric submersible pumps for raising waste water. Expressly designed for pumping residential and industrial waste, in drainage lifting stations and treatment plants.

Single- and multi-channel hydraulics or with retracted open impeller, ideal to convey liquids with high concentrations of solids. Impellers with anti-clogging device, double mechanical seal for motor protection with oil chamber and conductivity probe.

High efficiency motors, also with forced cooling system for use in a dry chamber. A modern and professional range to ensure the best results in cutting running and maintenance costs in residential and industrial treatment systems. Also available in an explosion proof version conforming to ATEX II 2G Exd IIB T

Models in Range

  • K..W080H
  • K..M080H
  • K..W080L
  • K..M080L
  • K..M100H
  • K..W100L
  • K..M150L
  • K..D200N
  • (+ 006562..)


  • Extremely sturdy
  • Compact
  • Highly efficient
  • Maximum reliability in heavy duty conditions
  • Remarkable energy savings and reductions in maintenance costs these are the key features of the series.

Four combined effects in just one electric pump:

  • Fiber shredding action
  • Cleaning action behind impeller
  • Anti-sediment action
  • Generously sized free passages

With our great experience and thorough knowledge of water lifting problems, we are able to offer a pre and after-sales service to help you to choose the right products and solutions in terms of functionality, flexibility and operating economy.


  • Prevents fibrous material from building up near the seals by exercising a shredding action
  • "Pumping" effect: reduces the presence of fibrous matter around the mechanical seal when the wastewater is foul and contains long fibers.
  • Counter-blading system to relieve axial thrust and protect the bearing. Axial thrust is balanced by counter-blades, which create a pressure relieving action.
  • Seal on discharge side:
    • Reduces vibrations
    • Guarantees sealing and prevents wear
    • Maintains the hydraulic characteristics of the pump over time
    • Prevents loss of head
  • Hydrodynamic lift; prevents friction and keeps the impeller in the right position
  • Blading: cuts out the vortex effect, limiting the quantity of solids that build up in the wear plate areas
  • Stainless steel handle for lifting purposes
  • Caprari installs "cold" motors in the K+ "non stop" series since the temperatures they reach are lower: protection of the winding and mechanical components
  • Motor:
    • Protected from overtemperatures
    • Inverter resistant
  • Conductivity probe to protect against water infiltration into the oil chamber
  • Seals:
    • Two separate mechanical seals
    • Standardized mechanical seals from the market (non-proprietary design)
    • Easy, economical maintenance
    • The seal on the pump side can be replaced without having to remove the oil reservoir and leaving the motor protected by the other seal

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Quick Specs:

The D and M series electric submersible pumps are the pumps for handling surface drainage water.

A wide range of models includes:

  • Specially designed lightweight and easily handled domestic use pumps
  • Robust construction site use pumping units capable of handling even the most arduous jobs.

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